Success story

SimpliRoute and TomTom

Accurate addresses for on-time deliveries.

SimpliRoute and TomTom

Logistics is a complex business. Providers must coordinate many moving parts to keep supply chains flowing and ensure deliveries reach customers on time.

It’s a lot to manage – which is why hundreds of fleet and logistics providers across Latin America turn to SimpliRoute to help them keep up. Based in Santiago, Chile, SimpliRoute offers a powerful last-mile logistics platform that makes it easier for companies to manage complex dispatch and delivery operations. Clients count on SimpliRoute’s platform to calculate routes and arrival times with precision – and TomTom geolocation technology delivers the speed and accuracy they demand.

Growing pains

Details matter when it comes to shaping a great delivery experience. That includes ensuring drivers know exactly where to drop off a particular package. SimpliRoute’s platform uses geocoding to help users pinpoint exact delivery locations.

However, as SimpliRoute scaled up to serve more clients, its existing geocoding engine struggled under the increased demand. Certain addresses were misspelled or could not be found, drivers were taken to the wrong side of the street or could not find the exact house number. The result was wasted time for drivers and higher rates of missed deliveries, which in turn led to rising costs and frustration for SimpliRoute’s clients. The company knew it needed to find a better-performing solution, fast.

SimpliRoute and TomTom

Mapping delivery locations with precision

After carefully reviewing offerings from several providers, SimpliRoute chose the TomTom Search API, which includes a highly accurate geocoding service. The company found TomTom’s solution to be easy to integrate with its last-mile logistics platform, as well as easy to use and effective across a range of geographies.

With TomTom’s trusted geocoder, SimpliRoute can easily and reliably convert structured or freeform addresses into precise latitude and longitude coordinates. The service has a high tolerance for typos and incomplete entries, using fuzzy search and autocomplete functionality to return accurate, relevant results – even when the provided addresses are incomplete or misspelled. Search results include detailed information, right down to the door-level of an address, which means drivers can be routed to the right side of the street and the exact delivery entrance.

Leading the way

Since integrating TomTom’s Search API into its last-mile logistics platform, both SimpliRoute and its customers have noticed the positive difference. Issues around incorrect and incomplete addresses have all but disappeared. Users can count on precise geocoding to deliver highly accurate and detailed location information for a much smoother last-mile experience.

Now, drivers can set out on routes with confidence, knowing that they’ll be able to find the right door to deliver to straight away, instead of having to circle around and ask for directions. It saves drivers valuable time and effort, reducing stress and keeping them satisfied. It also reduces costs for SimpliRoute’s clients, as more deliveries can be made on time, the first time. And, most importantly, it means happier end-customers, who can look forward to receiving their orders quickly and reliably.

SimpliRoute has found the TomTom Search API to be easy to integrate, easy to use, effective across a range of geographies and well documented.

Alonso Otale

Product Manager at SimpliRoute

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