Success story

MIH Consortium and TomTom

Accelerating the future of mobility together.

It's often said that the future of mobility is electric. Now, key players in the industry are collaborating to make that future a reality.

Initiated by Foxconn in 2021, the Mobility in Harmony Consortium (MIH) aims to create an open EV ecosystem promoting collaboration within the mobility industry. TomTom has been a strategic partner to this 2,500+ strong alliance since its inception, being one of the few members with mapmaking and location data expertise.

Many partners, one vision

Collaborations and partner ecosystems are becoming integral to how tech organizations innovate. As part of its efforts in improving electric mobility, MIH recently unveiled Project X — an open and agnostic EV ecosystem with a unique Bring Your Own Vehicle (BYOV) model.

With Project X’s modular design approach coupled with standardized interfaces, the consortium will reduce both the time and costs involved in bringing a superior user experience (UX) to drivers. This initiative won’t just build driver-centric A-segment vehicles, but will unlock new business models for various stakeholders including mobility service providers and new EV brands, among others.

Digital Cockpit, the industry’s only open digital cockpit software platform, is driven by the same vision. Since the unveiling of Project X, TomTom’s supported other MIH working groups, such as the Smart Cabin working group, which not only focuses on building digital cockpits of the future, but also encapsulates lighting, chairs and other functionalities that will form key elements of future in-vehicle experiences.

Leveraging its expertise in the field, TomTom has also gone a step further to contribute to MIH working groups with its EV routing, in-dash navigation, ADAS and Virtual Horizon and mapping technologies. This allowed TomTom to integrate the standards defined by these working groups within its own product portfolio, helping it bring its customers and partners closer to the sustainable future envisioned by the MIH alliance.

With TomTom’s collaborative ethos and expertise in creating and maintaining globally scalable maps optimized for user-friendly EV navigation, automated driving and smart mobility solutions, it is clear that they will be an invaluable partner to the MIH Consortium and the Open EV Alliance.

Jack Cheng

CEO of MIH Consortium

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