Customer story

HUAWEI and TomTom

Bringing immersive location experiences to millions of smartphone users and developers.

When you need directions to a friend’s place or want to find a new lunch spot, you turn to your phone to guide you.

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we navigate our world – and with so many people now counting on mobile devices to show them the way, delivering exceptional navigation experiences is a top priority for smartphone makers like HUAWEI.

With more and more customers all over the world using HUAWEI devices to find and explore new places – and more of its developers building apps that depend on location data – the company needed to scale up its mapping capabilities to meet the increased demand.

Previously, HUAWEI relied on third-party location data and services to support its navigation needs. The company decided to bring things in-house: building its own mapping app for consumers and a new set of location-based services for developers. To turn this vision into reality, HUAWEI looked for a geolocation technology partner that could deliver the accurate, high-quality data and services that it required. This search led HUAWEI to TomTom.

World-class location services

Using TomTom map and traffic data, HUAWEI has built its own mapping app for consumers: Petal Maps. Launched together with the new HUAWEI Mate 40 Series of smartphones, Petal Maps brings global map coverage, turn-by-turn navigation, real-time traffic information and powerful search capabilities to millions of customers.

To address the needs of its developers, HUAWEI introduced Map Kit. This new service gives developers across HUAWEI’s global network access to advanced location data and technology, helping them add powerful map display and search capabilities to a range of mobile and web apps.

With HUAWEI’s Map Kit, millions of developers now have access to all-new location-based services, including:

  • A complete global mapping solution covering 200+ countries and regions, built from hundreds of data layers: from streets and buildings to addresses and points of interest (POIs).

  • Traffic and location data powered by TomTom’s network of 600+ million connected GPS devices, enabling accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) calculations and precise routing for mobility and location-based apps.

Whole new world of navigation

Thanks to HUAWEI and TomTom’s collaboration, millions of smartphone users now enjoy a better way to explore their world and developers can more easily create apps that keep people moving safely and smoothly.

Through HUAWEI Map Kit, developers can harness TomTom map and traffic data to create app experiences with an edge. By enabling access to enhanced location-based services, HUAWEI also streamlines the development process to help teams work more effectively.

With Petal Maps, HUAWEI now has its own world-class navigation experience to set it apart from competitors. By choosing TomTom as the location foundation for the new service, HUAWEI can provide users with trusted maps, directions and traffic updates that make getting around even easier.

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