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Alteryx and TomTom

Changing the analytics game with rich location information.

Where’s the best place to open a new store? How big is a brand’s market share in a specific area? How can marketing outreach be targeted for greater effectiveness?

Location data provides all-important context to answer questions just like these – and Alteryx makes it easy for companies to put that data to work for their business. Thousands of organizations all over the world use the Alteryx Analytic Process Automation (APA) Platform™ to turn data into actionable insights that improve business results. Location intelligence is a core capability of the Alteryx APA Platform, adding real-world context to support sharper competitor analysis, site selection, geomarketing and many other types of analysis.

Delivering the best location insights demands the best location data. Out-of-date or inaccurate information can result in incorrect analyses, potentially costing businesses big losses and missed opportunities. Alteryx delivers the freshest, most accurate information to clients – which is why they trust TomTom.

New insights on the map

Alteryx uses TomTom location data and Maps APIs to incorporate spatial data into its analysis tools. Integrated TomTom data amplifies analysis by adding more than 50 layers of cartographic data, such as roads, waterways, parks, etc. By spatially enabling data in this way, Alteryx users can apply more advanced analytical techniques and visualize their results on eye-catching maps.

A retailer could use this added level of insight, for example, to determine the optimal location for a new grocery store. Using data on existing store locations and customer transactions, analysts can map out the information to see how well existing stores are positioned relative to each other and target customers. This spatial analysis could potentially reveal a gap in the retailer’s geographical coverage, allowing it to locate a new store in an area that was previously underserved. Similarly, a telecoms operator could use map data to map which areas have the best natural features to support cellular network optimization.

By unlocking spatial insights such as these, Alteryx helps clients obtain a more complete and profitable understanding of local transactions, regional markets and network investments to improve the outcome of critical decisions. With TomTom data enriching Alteryx analysis tools, decision-makers can uncover new opportunities in their data and make confident choices that translate into improved business outcomes and greater competitive advantage.

As part of our mission of unifying analytics, data science and business process automation in our end-to-end platform, we rely on TomTom to upskill our users with powerful spatial tools and maps to develop comprehensive models that make this a reality.

Kendall Carroll

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Alteryx

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