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Be you, be proud
Feeling comfortable and proud to share your journey, ideas and perspective is essential, helping us shape tomorrow’s mobility, no matter your background.
Just imagine what we could achieve if you could be your true, authentic self?
After all, the world captured in our maps is much stronger if people from all roads of life come together.
Dominika Spolnik
I think if you enjoy working with (location) technology, your gender shouldn’t matter. Being a woman is not a reason for not getting into this industry, even if you think it’s dominated by men. Do whatever you feel like doing, if you’re good at it and it makes you happy.

Dominika Spolnik
Product Manager
Tomas Cafferata
Pride for me is a reminder that my reality - where I can be myself at my workplace, and be accepted and respected regardless of my sexual orientation - is an exception... At TomTom, we are all about the journey, and the journey to love yourself is definitely much better when traveled together.

Tomas Cafferata
Director Business Development
Amy Ogborn
As a queer woman at TomTom, I have always felt comfortable being my authentic self, in the company and especially with my direct team. I see the efforts TomTom is making to promote women's roles in a technical company, and I am proud of the progress they have made and the steps they've taken so far.

Amy Ogborn
Associate Project Coordinator
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Where are we now

We're at the start of our journey and we're excited about the possibilities going forward. Here are some of the facts currently:

Our objectives

We announced our Company Impact Strategy in early 2023, defining our ESG efforts. We identified diversity and inclusion as a key social impact area, creating two new company targets around improving gender representation:

  • 30% female representation company-wide by end of 2025
  • 20% female representation in senior management by end of 2025
We have three key objectives to help us achieve our targets:

Our initiatives

We're committed to improving representation and inclusivity every day through initiatives that connect with TomTom'ers.
Celebrating our differences

Celebrating our differences

We organize many events throughout the year with the aim of celebrating what makes every TomTom’er unique, learning from each other and taking part in activities that are not only fun but educational.
Fostering inclusion

Fostering inclusion

TomTom also hosts both unconscious bias and allyship workshops. These educate TomTom’ers on how they can avoid stereotyping, support colleagues and develop stronger relationships with them, while creating a more inclusive environment for everyone.
Accelerating the careers of women

Accelerating the careers of women

TomTom continues to encourage women to join the tech industry through mentorships, sponsorships and more. We also help prepare senior female leaders for their futures through executive leadership programs.
Join a community where you can be your true self and inspire others to do the same.