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BMW Motorrad

BMW Motorrad riders experience the best of TomTom navigation through integration with the BMW Connected app.
BMW Motorrad

The challenge

To provide BMW Motorrad owners with the information they need along their journey, BMW introduced the optional TFT-display and BMW Motorrad Connected app. This innovative solution safely connects the user’s smartphone to the handlebar display, ensuring Motorrad riders always have easy access to the most important multi-media and road information.

In order to deliver accurate and reliable navigation information to riders, BMW needed global traffic and road data.

TomTom solution

Through a collaboration with TomTom, Motorrad owners using the BMW Motorrad Connected app have access to market-leading navigation software and services. These features include TomTom’s map data, Real-Time Traffic, weather and speed camera information.

Users of the app can make use of such motorcycle-optimized features as a winding routes option to avoid unnecessary highways and take scenic roads with confidence.

The benefit

With smartphone connectivity, users can update the app before they ride to access to the freshest map data. They can also download maps before going to make sure they have reliable offline navigation regardless of connectivity.

The handlebar display shows turn-by-turn arrows based on up-to-date TomTom route guidance and traffic information, so riders never miss a turn. A Bluetooth-enabled helmet plays directions straight into the rider’s ears, delivering the most important navigation information without compromising safety.

From relaxing scenic journeys to winding mountain journeys to the quickest routes, the collaboration between BMW and TomTom provides a safe and reliable navigation experience for every style of Motorrad rider.
The combination of TomTom’s maps, software and services provides a fantastic motorbike navigation experience for BMW Motorrad riders.

Antoine Saucier
Managing Director, TomTom Automotive

Services delivered to the BMW Motorrad include: