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Welcome to a new standard in mapmaking

TomTom Orbis Maps is the first of its kind, combining the best of both open and proprietary data sources to solve your location tech needs. Build with confidence on a future-proof foundation – a global standard adopted by the biggest names in tech. Maximize what you can do for your customers and your business with an interoperable mapping solution that’s incredibly easy to use.

Accurate, flexible and future-ready

Accurate and rich map content

Build on high quality, fresh and accurate data you can trust, combining the best of open and proprietary sources

Flexible and ownable

Bring your own data to build custom, private solutions with easy integration to speed up innovation

Future-ready and fast-growing

Scale your business with an ever-expanding, evolving map that is powered by collaborative mapmaking

Innovate with the world’s most useful map

Build every kind of mapping solution, the way you want to. Layer by layer, customize and solve for your most challenging use cases – today and tomorrow. Effortlessly combine your own data with the world’s best data sources, validated by AI-based quality checks.

  • Fleet & logistics
    Add routing dataset to the base map along with traffic information for exact ETAs.
  • On-demand
  • Electric vehicles
  • Automated driving

Seamless integration and data delivery

Access fresh data through our robust Maps APIs or directly via our Automotive cloud platform. Available in multiple formats, including .PBF files, the data keeps your maps up to date and your business up to speed.


TomTom Orbis Maps

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Multinet and Maps APIs

  • What happens if I’m using Multinet or Multinet-R today, will you continue to support me?
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  • Should I migrate from Multinet/Multinet-R to the TomTom Orbis Maps?
  • I am currently using TomTom's Maps APIs and SDKs. Does my application need an update with the new TomTom Orbis Maps?

Overture Maps Foundation

  • What is the Overture Maps Foundation?
  • What do you mean by a common mapping standard?
  • What types of map data will Overture release?
  • What is the difference between Overture and OSM?
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