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The World Needs a Better Map. TomTom is Making It: TomTom Maps Platform | TomTom
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The world needs a better map: TomTom is making it with its new mapping platform and ecosystem

Today, at its investor meeting, TomTom made one of the most significant announcements in its 30-year history. The geolocation tech specialist and mapmaking company is launching a new map, mapping platform and ecosystem, which the company is collectively calling the TomTom Maps Platform. TomTom says it will set a new standard for mapmaking, one designed to support a future of innovative location-based tech and will lay the foundation for industry-wide open collaboration.
Nov 02, 2022·11 mins read
How Routing Algorithms Can Prioritize Safety Over Speed | TomTom Blog
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How routing algorithms prioritize safety over speed in rural Finland

Providing drivers with the best route possible is no simple task. Routing algorithms that take care of directing a driver from A to B rely on immense amounts of map data that needs to be up to date, accurate and contextual. As one instance in Finland shows, if map data isn’t up to scratch, drivers can be put in unnecessary danger.
Jan 17, 2022·8 mins read
Super sources power TomTom's new map. But what are they? | TomTom Newsroom
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Super sources will power the 'smartest map on the planet.' But what are they?

Earlier this month, TomTom lifted the lid on its game-changing approach to build a new mapping and geolocation data ecosystem, the TomTom Maps Platform. Data will be key to its success, and while the company already has more than 30 years’ worth of global location data, it’s not resting on its laurels. The Dutch mapmaker is instead taking data sourcing to new heights with what it calls “super sources.” But what are they?
Nov 09, 2022·15 mins read
A Way Out of the Coronavirus Chip Shortage | TomTom Blog
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Meet the devs that coded their way out of the coronavirus chip shortage

Necessity is the mother of invention. Never has that been truer. With global chip shortages ravaging automotive supply chains, carmakers are facing factory closures, production is slowing and costs are rising. Engineers at TomTom, though, are finding ways to innovate around the problem to prevent production delays.
Dec 10, 2021·13 mins read

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How TomTom Data Helps Autobahn GmbH Make German Roads Safer | TomTom Blog
partner stories

Helping Autobahn GmbH ensure safe and efficient transport on German roads

It’s the mission and responsibility of road authorities in Germany to ensure people can travel safely and efficiently throughout the country’s major road network. This responsibility is handled by regional traffic management teams. Last year a new agency, Autobahn GmbH, was formed to provide centralized oversight covering the various regional entities. Through the Autobahn project, German transport authorities turned to PTV Group and TomTom for the data and tools needed to transform safety on German roads.
Sep 15, 2022·4 mins read
Making Roads Safer with Jam Tail Warnings | TomTom Blog
product focus

Helping drivers 'see' further with Jam Tail Warnings

The incremental introduction of vehicle safety technologies has had a dramatic and positive impact on road safety. However, in recent years, progress has stalled. We’re no longer reducing road fatalities at the rate we once were. Something needs to be done and location-based tech is offering one possible solution.
Sep 01, 2022·8 mins read
Preserving and Empowering LGBTQ+ Lives with Maps | TomTom Blog
explainers and insights

Preserving and empowering LGBTQ+ lives with maps

We often think of maps as tools that help us get from A to B. While that might be one of their most useful functions, maps can be so much more than that — especially for communities that have historically been marginalized and underrepresented.
Aug 25, 2022·7 mins read
How TomTom Mapped an Airport in Three Days | TomTom
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Navigation nightmare: How TomTom mapped an airport in three days

It’s that time of the year again: your holiday has arrived. You’re loading bags into the car ready to head to the airport. You’re excited, but you’ve got a flight to catch, and time is ticking. Sandy beaches and hot sun await but hang on – your navigation isn’t working properly. You’re being led in circles, with no way of knowing how to get to the airport.
Jul 21, 2022·7 mins read
Designing digital cockpits of the future: Takeaways from TomTom’s latest webinar
explainers and insights

Designing digital cockpits of the future: Takeaways from TomTom’s latest webinar

As technology evolves, driving is expanding into an experience that engages not only the driver, but also the passengers. The key to making this experience great lies in the digital cockpit. We attended TomTom's latest webinar, where we saw a panel of experts discuss new and developing visualization technologies that seem set to bring this experience to everyone in the vehicle.
Jul 19, 2022·9 mins read
What’s Faster Up Alpe d’Huez, a Car or a Cyclist? | TomTom Blog
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What's faster up Alpe d'Huez, a car or a Tour de France cyclist? We crunched the numbers

Normally, TomTom spends its time crunching the numbers on traffic data to help you get around quickly and easily in your car. But have you ever wondered about how travel times in a car compare to, say, a cyclist? Not just any cyclist, but one of the world’s best? With the Tour de France heading to the Alpes, we wondered what the answer is.
Jul 14, 2022·4 mins read
How Maps Can Save Connected Cars From Data Outages | TomTom Blog
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How maps can save connected cars from data outages

Connected cars are promising us a future of safer and less stressful driving. Driver aids built on data, knowledge and information are starting to bring this vision to life. But there’s a problem, what happens when we don’t have a data signal or cellular connection?
Jul 05, 2022·7 mins read
Pride: Gen Z Wants to Work Where They Can Be Themselves | TomTom
life at TomTom

Let’s talk about Pride: Gen Z wants to work where they can be themselves

It’s more important than ever to create queer and trans-friendly spaces at work. As Gen Z enters the STEM workforce in growing numbers it’ll grow ever more important to accommodate the evolving nature of how people identify themselves with friends, family and at work.
Jun 30, 2022·4 mins read
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