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The Trailblazing Women in Map History | TomTom Blog
explainers and insights

Meet the trailblazing women that made some of the world’s most important maps

Throughout history, women have so often been relegated to the sidelines: their contributions dismissed as unimportant, or, even worse, attributed to a man. It’s the same story in navigation and mapping. There are many women who helped shape mapmaking but are often ignored in favor of the men who were more freely welcomed into the space. Who were these women? And how did their innovations shape the modern world of mapping and navigation that we know today?
Mar 10, 2022·11 mins read
EVs Were Outselling Gas Cars 100 Years Ago | TomTom Blog
explainers and insights

EVs were outselling gas cars 100 years ago…what happened?

Now a symbol of progress and the future, at the turn of the 20th century EVs were one of the most popular types of vehicle — they even outsold gasoline cars at one point. So why didn't EVs win back then? Why has it taken us 100 years to learn EVs are better?
Apr 14, 2022·11 mins read
Women In Tech Need Other Women In Tech | TomTom Blog
life at TomTom

Women in tech need other women in tech

Women empowering other women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematic fields starts early – a personal recount.
Mar 08, 2021·8 mins read
AmiGO Hearing Impaired Mode - Navigating Without Sound | TomTom Blog
product focus

Enhanced Visual Cues for deaf drivers: Navigating without sound

Navigation apps are filled with options. We can change orientation, zoom level, use audible alerts and more, but what is there for deaf drivers? According to the WHO's projections, there will be close to 700 million individuals that will need hearing rehabilitation due to severe loss of hearing by 2050. Such numbers suggest we need deaf-friendly navigation.
May 19, 2022·8 mins read

Recent Posts

life at TomTom

Why hackathons matter, according to a winning team

TomTom Lab, TomTom’s innovation program, recently ended its eighth version of What the Hack, the hackathon that brings all TomTom’ers together to watch or participate. Nostalgia for the event is already kicking in and we’re excited for the next edition. TomTom’ers consistently mention it as a highlight of the year. There’s something special about it – the way it brings people together, combines unique skillsets and produces fascinating results...
Feb 24, 2023·5 mins read
London is the world's slowest city | TomTom Newsroom
explainers and insights

London is the world's slowest city: A closer look at the data

The TomTom Traffic Index numbers are in. In this edition, London takes the top spot as one of the world’s busiest and most expensive cities for drivers. But it's also the slowest city on the planet.
Feb 15, 2023·5 mins read
explainers and insights

TomTom Traffic Index headlines: 2022’s traffic insights and the cost-of-driving

Just as the coronavirus pandemic faded into memory, new challenges thrust themselves upon the world. War in Ukraine, a looming recession, market unease and the subsequent cost-of-living crisis. Continued uncertainty is bleeding onto our roads and making it more expensive to refuel our vehicles, deliver goods and move about our cities. TomTom’s Traffic Index, now more detailed than ever, shows us the full story. Here's what we learned.
Feb 14, 2023·11 mins read
explainers and insights

What does TomTom Traffic Index data tell us about the world's busiest cities?

TomTom’s Traffic Index is giving us more insight than ever into the realities of traffic in the world’s major cities. But there are a couple of questions that everyone wants answers to: which cities are hit worst by traffic? And which city centers experience the busiest rush hours? Thanks to TomTom’s traffic report, we have the answers.
Feb 14, 2023·8 mins read
life at TomTom

Leading through behavior: How TomTom’ers take the lead in their everyday role

Leadership is important at TomTom. It’s integral to achieving success. But what does that leadership look like? And how do TomTom’ers apply it in their everyday work?
Feb 08, 2023·5 mins read
behind the map

What shipping containers can teach modern mapmaking

Today, the world of global logistics would be nothing without the shipping container. The simple steel box revolutionized how goods are moved between continents and across oceans. Despite its simplicity, it's one of the most significant inventions ever — it also makes a great metaphor for the state of modern, global digital mapmaking.
Feb 01, 2023·7 mins read
product focus

How TomTom navigation apps use your data

Data privacy is complex. For many, it seems it’s intentionally convoluted to understand. For every website we visit or app we download, we see the same question popping up on our screens: will you allow your data to be shared? But what does it actually mean? And what does it mean at TomTom?
Jan 27, 2023·5 mins read
Work flexibility – everyone wants it and everyone needs it | TomTom Newsroom
life at TomTom

Work flexibility – everyone wants it and everyone needs it

The way we all work has changed. Gone are the nine-to-five days. Hybrid working models are far more common than ever.
Jan 25, 2023·4 mins read
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