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The Future of Driving is Electric | TomTom Newsroom
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The future of driving is electric, here's why

By now, we should all know what electrical vehicles are. They’ve become a mainstream part of the collective consciousness of the automobile world in recent years, mostly thanks to their surge in popularity and the focus on government policy that’s effectively banning fossil fuel vehicles. Even so, there are varying opinions as to whether EVs are ’the future’ however – and that’s understandable, given that they’re still relatively new technology and how they challenge what we know of driving and refueling our vehicles.
Mar 14, 2022·4 mins read
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Q&A: How is TomTom helping fix the pains of the EV industry?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve interviewed TomTom’ers who are working on the future of mapping and location tech. We’ve spoken with the technically minded, the future oriented and the community focused. Most recently, we talked to one of TomTom’s EV experts. It might surprise you to find out that TomTom is so invested in the world of EV, but, as we learned, location data and digital maps are going to play a central role in the transition to cleaner transport.
Apr 05, 2023·4 mins read
How to fix range anxiety | TomTom Newsroom
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The complexity of fixing range anxiety

The one thing that keeps rearing its head anytime EVs come up in conversation is range anxiety. Regardless of how you start the conversation, eventually it finds its way back to how far EVs drive and how much of a pain it is charging them. Naysayers lean on range anxiety as a reason not to buy an electric vehicle, whereas EV owners often say it’s not as much of an issue as it sounds. In truth both arguments are correct. Range anxiety is complex and “fixing” it requires a comprehensive multilateral solution.
Nov 19, 2021·5 mins read
EV charging POIs are important to integrate into the UX for EVs.
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UX design: The unsung hero of great EV experiences

In the future, the experience of driving an electric vehicle will be as seamless as that of driving a gasoline-powered car today. Until then, user experience (UX) designers have the unique opportunity to make the in-vehicle experience more intuitive for those making the switch. But there are some important things they need to keep in mind as they take on this challenge.
Nov 29, 2022·3 mins read

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TomTom Sponsorship Program to boost women's careers
life at TomTom

Lead the way: Sponsoring women to help accelerate their career growth

Every single one of us dreams about what they would like to achieve in their career. But not all of us have the opportunities to take the necessary steps towards those dreams. TomTom wants to present those doorways of opportunity to female TomTom’ers with its new Sponsorship Program.
Mar 27, 2024·6 mins read
Miguel García - VP of Engineering at TomTom
life at TomTom

Behind the screens of navigation: Miguel García turns engineering ideas into reality

Many of us see technology as the finished products we use every day. Yet through another lens, we see the complex lines of code that are weaving together the future of innovation. Miguel García has always lived at the center of this inner, generative world of new technology – keeping his focus on real-world benefits. He spent over a decade improving tech at Google and Amazon, and is now leading the future of navigation as VP Engineering at TomTom. We sat down with Miguel to hear his story.
Mar 14, 2024·4 mins read
TomTom Digital Cockpit showing AI, navigation, audio and more
product focus

Watch the future of driving with TomTom's gen-AI in-vehicle voice assistant

Forget everything you thought you knew about driving. Leveraging Microsoft's advancements in AI, TomTom's gen-AI assistant isn't just breaking new ground, it's reshaping the very essence of your time on the road.
Mar 12, 2024·1 mins read
futuristic, in-vehicle, dashboard, experience
behind the map

TomTom's VP of Design on the future of in-vehicle experiences

"The automotive industry is going through a digital transformation... Software is becoming central to deliver the user experience," TomTom's VP of Design, Gianluca Brugnoli, says.
Mar 11, 2024·1 mins read
Neil shah, counterpoint research, founder, analyst, automotive
explainers and insights

Counterpoint Research: TomTom is uniquely positioned for the software defined car era

Counterpoint Research is a global technology market research firm specializing in the technology, media and telecommunications industries. As part of its ongoing analysis, it recognizes TomTom as an industry leader when it comes to in-vehicle experience, digital cockpit technology and navigation. We sat down with one of the organization’s founders to learn more.
Mar 07, 2024·10 mins read
Ana Lira - TomTom - Orbis Maps
life at TomTom

Enabling collaborative mapmaking: Ana Lira builds the framework for the future of maps

With the buzz of mapmaking innovation on high, TomTom isn’t losing sight of the people behind the tech. In this interview, we share the story of Ana Lira, VP Engineering. Her career is painted with the full colors of passion and curiosity, always determined to build what has never been built before – which is exactly what she’s doing at TomTom.
Feb 28, 2024·4 mins read
The world as data
behind the map

Fresh, scalable, flexible and futureproof — TomTom Orbis Maps is the new standard in mapmaking

Standards are everything in business. They’re the rules that help our world work efficiently and cooperatively. Without them, individual countries could have tens of time zones, plug-and-play computer hardware wouldn’t exist and all our phones would have different charging connectors. So, it’s surprising to learn that some industries still lack crucial standardization to make everything work well together and promote interoperability and innovation. The commercial mapmaking and location tech industry is one such industry.
Feb 07, 2024·6 mins read
A 3D image of New York in TomTom Orbis Maps.
product focus

See how TomTom Orbis Maps is ready for the future you want to build

For years, achieving the amount of detail in TomTom Orbis Maps was a distant dream. But now, it’s a reality.
Feb 07, 2024·1 mins read
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