TomTom has worked with partners to provide popular, fully-connected and integrated navigation systems to Mazda car owners in Europe, the United States and Asia.

Mazda Navigation System (NB1)

Mazda Navigation System NB1 was developed in 2012 as a successor to the NVA-SD8110. Panasonic built the head unit and TomTom provided navigation software with a full map of Europe, and drivers in applicable countries received a LIVE Services trial to discover the benefits of TomTom Traffic, amongst other services (such as TomTom Places or Weather). The system was first rolled-out worldwide in one of Mazda’s best-selling vehicles, the CX-5. In 2013, the offering expanded to the new Mazda6, CX-9 and Mazda3 in the United States.

TomTom's modular solution

The NB1 is the outcome of TomTom’s strategic partnership with Mazda aimed at developing affordable yet state-of-the-art navigation. We have developed the NaviBox, a device tailored to connect to the head unit externally via USB and 100% controllable via the unit’s touchscreen. This flexible, modular device can be installed behind the dashboard at the dealer and offer all the benefits of advanced navigation that does not overhaul the main unit.

Mazda NVA-SD8110 EU

The NVA-SD8110 is Mazda’s first fully-integrated navigation system, developed in late 2010. TomTom teamed up with Panasonic, who assembled the head unit responsible for multimedia functionalities. We enhanced it with our navigation software, full map of Europe and a 3-month LIVE Services subscription including real-time TomTom Traffic alerts. The NVA-SD8110 was rolled-out throughout 2011 and 2012 in Mazda2, Mazda3, Mazda5, Mazda6 and MX-5 carlines across Europe.

Mazda NVA-SD8110 offers detailed and accurate TomTom maps on a large 5.8″ touch screen, reliable guidance, TomTom Speed Cameras, speed limits, many points of interest and many customisation options. With the map stored on an SD card, drivers easily update their system by connecting to the internet via a PC. After registering the device on TomTom HOME, the driver has access to additional content such as map updates, voices and free-of-charge map corrections gathered by the TomTom community.

Services delivered to the Mazda models include: