Success story

PTV Group and TomTom 

Driving better traffic management on one of Europe’s busiest road networks. 

PTV Group and TomTom

Every day, an average of over 4 million people traverse highways in and around Paris. TomTom and PTV Group are helping keep that traffic moving smoothly with real-time data analytics tools.

Paris’ main road and highway network is vast, made up of some 800 miles (1,300 km) of tarmac, where congestion and bottlenecks are a constant possibility. It’s up to Direction des Routes d'Île-de-France (DiRIF), the highway authority for the Paris metropolitan region, to manage this complex traffic situation.

To accomplish this task, DiRIF needs clear and accurate insights into the state of traffic on the roads. For years, the agency has relied on its own detectors to monitor traffic flows. Since July 2023, the agency has added a new tool to track and tackle congestion — real-time traffic management technology from PTV Group, powered by TomTom Traffic data.

Giving road authorities and road users a better view on traffic  

Using data from DiRIF’s own road-side sensors and TomTom Floating Car Data, PTV’s algorithms generate highly accurate, real-time information about Paris’ traffic. TomTom’s Floating Car Data gives PTV Group and its customers access to rich and fresh information about what’s happening on the roads. Part of a 600-million-strong community of devices and sources, Floating Car Data is an irreplicable asset in any traffic manager’s toolbox.

DiRIF has also integrated this data into its traffic platform This online service provides real-time traffic information to users on the main road network in Île-de-France and is accessed by around 100,000 people every day.

PTV Group and TomTom

Ready for new demands 

The solution from PTV and TomTom significantly enhances the reliability of live traffic updates, allowing DiRIF to inform road users about current traffic conditions, congestion and road closures across the entire metropolitan Paris region.

This is especially important in light of upcoming major international events such as the 2024 Olympics. With millions of visitors expected in Paris for the event, efficient traffic management will be indispensable.

Thanks to its new collaboration with TomTom and PTV Group, DiRIF can rest assured that it has the traffic data and tools to handle the increased demands on its road network effectively, so it can keep Paris moving smoothly.

We are thrilled to support DiRIF and to contribute to the safety of travelers and to enable them a more serene journey. Precise data not only reduces delays and enhances safety but also improves the overall efficiency of the transportation system.

Frédéric Reutenauer
Vice President Southern Europe, PTV Group 

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