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TomTom Route Monitoring

TomTom Route Monitoring enables road authorities, event managers and emergency services professionals to closely monitor traffic and travel times on key routes and take proactive action to improve mobility.
TomTom Route Monitoring uses our real-time traffic technology, which is created by merging multiple data sources such as anonymous measurements from GPS navigation devices, mobile phones and sensor data from governments. It is available as an API for easy integration into existing interfaces, and as an easy-to-use a web app in the TomTom Move Portal for quick and easy deployment.

A simple and cost-efficient way to see detailed travel times and traffic delays on routes defined by the user, TomTom Route Monitoring can be shared easily with road users via mobile variable messaging signs (VMS) or web and mobile applications.

Features and benefits

Up and running in minutes

Up and running in minutes

Our route monitoring data requires no hardware and is available via a simple web-based interface and route creation wizard.
Cost and time efficient

Cost and time efficient

With no hardware and the ability to work with any route, setup is easy and training requirements are minimal.
Accurate and detailed data

Accurate and detailed data

With detailed data for each road segment, including travel times and delay information, you can perform detailed analysis with confidence.
Flexible APIs

Flexible APIs

Our online APIs integrate smoothly into existing applications and make it easy to send travel times to road-side displays and other systems.
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