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Route Monitoring

TomTom Route Monitoring enables road authorities, event managers and emergency services professionals to closely monitor traffic on key routes and take proactive action to improve mobility.
TomTom Route Monitoring is a simple and cost-efficient way to see detailed travel times, speeds and traffic delays on strategic routes. Real-time analytics can then be shared easily with drivers on Variable Message Signs (VMS) or web and mobile applications, broadcasting effective decisions with a positive impact on traffic conditions.

Features and benefits

Up and running in minutes

Set up routes in minutes via our TomTom Move web portal or connecting the API into your existing platform.
Up and running in minutes

Time and cost savings

Route Monitoring data requires no hardware or advanced training, and adapting current routes requires no extra investment.
Cost and time efficient

Detailed and accurate data

With detailed data for each road segment of your routes, you can perform real-time analysis with high confidence.
Accurate and detailed data

Flexible applications

Our online APIs integrate easily into existing applications, and can be embedded on websites and social media and road-side digital displays.
Flexible APIs

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