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Origin Destination Analysis

TomTom Origin Destination (O/D) Analysis provides detailed information about trip dynamics and drivers’ preferred routes. Available via the TomTom MOVE or API, our powerful solution helps you make better-informed decisions based on how and where people move.

TomTom O/D Analysis uses advanced algorithms to analyze anonymized Floating Car Data (FCD) from 600+ million connected devices – giving you the authoritative view of what’s happening on the road. Whether you want to improve public transport scheduling or find the perfect location for a new franchise, our insights help you understand traffic flow and trip distributions within, between and across regions.

Features and benefits

Save time and money

FCD offers a cost-effective complement to traditional traffic data sources, such as automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) and surveys. With O/D Analysis you don't have to worry about managing expensive hardware – and you can rest assured that data is always anonymized, protected and properly handled.

Target marketing efforts

Use location data to understand people’s movement and adapt your outreach for maximum impact. Measure preferred routes and trip trends to determine which regions are best for a targeted advertisement, billboard or new retail location.

Improve urban planning

Analyze the most-used routes and study traffic flow between popular points of interest to see how people move and shape smarter mobility options. Graph all trips between regions and identify high commute volumes to understand local labor markets and improve transport options.

Power up policy

Use our traffic insights to inform more sustainable transportation plans; for example, by identifying areas where policies could help people shift from car trips to greener modes of transport such as walking and cycling.

Web portal or API: the choice is yours

TomTom O/D Analysis is a self-service product available via the TomTom MOVE and our powerful APIs. Access reports with ready-to-use data visualizations online, download the results for your own custom analysis or plug the API into an existing analytics platform.

Customer stories

See how these organizations are using TomTom O/D Analysis to understand and improve the way people move.


The province of Utrecht enriches license plate data with O/D Analysis to get a clearer picture of how people move between cities.

Denver South

Denver South uses O/D Analysis to track the travel patterns of 200,000+ drivers and optimize connections between commuters and workplaces.


TomTom location data helps Interbest target outdoor ad campaigns to the right audiences for greater reach and revenues.

Origin Destination Analysis product sheet
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Interbest case study
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