TomTom Origin Destination Analysis
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Origin Destination Analysis

TomTom origin and destination (O/D) analyzes trip patterns, access and preferred routes, all powered by a big location data archive.

Identify trip patterns

Helping businesses make decisions based on how and where people move, TomTom Origin Destination Analysis provides detailed information on trip dynamics and preferred routes. 

Features and benefits

Traffic Flow Map
Trip distribution
Understand preferred routes and trip trends to determine which regions are best for a targeted advertisement or a new retail location.
Urban Mobility Data
Attractive areas 
Graph all trips between regions and identify high commute volumes.
Origin Destination Matrix
Origin destination matrix
See the total number of trips between all regions and export all data in Excel format.
Road Traffic Flow Map
Data visualization
Measure trip intensity and connectivity through the bands and colors of a Sankey Diagram.

Web app and APIs

TomTom Origin Destination Analysis is a self-service product accessed via the TomTom Move web application or via our developer APIs. Make use of ready-to-use visualization insights, plug the API into your current solution and download the report data for your own custom analysis.
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