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Routing APIs

Enrich your apps with seamless navigation thanks to our advanced Routing APIs. Help businesses plan efficient routes using features like optimized routes, accurate navigation and alternate routes.

Precise directions

Precise directions

Get easy-to-follow instructions at each step of the journey, and navigate confidently through city streets, rural roads and beyond.

route planning

Route planning and optimization

Help businesses plan optimized routes with real-time traffic insights — saving operational costs and time.

Live traffic

Live traffic information

Plan routes around congestion and roadblocks with live traffic updates, so that drivers arrive and deliver on time.

Alternate Routes

Alternative routes

Adapt to unexpected obstacles on the road with flexible alternate routes, helping drivers stay on schedule. 

Accurate distances

Accurate distance and ETAs

Calculate precise travel times and distances to facilitate efficient business planning.

turn by turn


Whether it’s deliveries or field management, travel smooth with accurate turn-by-turn directions.

Matrix routing

Complete matrix routing

Calculate travel times and distances for multiple destinations at once to address complex logistical challenges.

Long distance EV

Long distance EV routing

Plan customized routes for electric vehicles that include charging stops based on vehicle consumption and charging models.


Our Routing APIs

Calculate accurate routes that factor in road variables, vehicle types, engine types and optimized waypoints. 

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