What you'll get as a TomTom'er

We’re giving TomTom’ers a place to work flexibly, develop and grow in their own way. Where they can reach their personal goals while doing the things that matter to them.

Grow and develop

Think of where you want to be in a week, month, or even years. We want to help you make that happen by investing in your professional and personal growth.

  • Development budgetstart courses, attend conferences and more.

  • Development leavein addition to budget, we’re also giving you the time you need to study, join events and complete qualifications.

  • Collaboration budgetmeet up with your team at least once a year, no matter where they are in the world.

Support for your whole self

Life can get busy, with work, our families, hobbies and personal projects. Well, we want to give you back the gift of time to do the things that matter to you.

  • Parental leave *whether your country offers a good amount of statutory leave or not, what TomTom offers ensures every TomTom’er is given the time to be with their family.

  • Caregiving leaveif a loved one is in medical need, you can take paid time off to support them, focusing on your family and close friends.

  • Volunteering leavegive back to your community or an important cause with paid volunteering leave.

  • Flexible public holidays *switch up to two public holidays for a celebration that matters to you. Diwali, Eid, or even a family member’s birthday: you choose.

Work flexibility

Home, the office or even abroad – it’s all possible. With our approach to location flexibility, teams are free to choose how they work based on business needs.

  • From homesometimes home is the best place to focus, and some tasks are best to tackle on your own. You choose the environment that works for you and aligns with your team’s needs.

  • From the officeflexible workspaces in the office are designed for focused work, collaboration, learning and simply socializing.

  • From abroadenjoy options to work from your home country or abroad for a set number of days each year. This way you can get closer to your family and explore the world we’re mapping.

  • You'll also get a home office set-up budget and monthly contributions to support with your work-from-home costs.

We also have a range of local benefits including employee assistance programs, holiday buy-and-sell schemes (up to 10 days), health insurance, pension schemes and more, depending on where you’re based. Talk to our recruitment team to find out about what’s available for you.


* We aim to give the same experience to all TomTom’ers around the world, but sometimes that’s not possible due to local legislation. If you've applied, please check with your talent consultant if these benefits are available to you in your country.


These benefits shed light on how we want to support you. And they're driven by TomTom's values – what matters to us and how we treat each other and our work.

We care

No matter if it’s your personal or professional life, we want to support you so you can get the best out of both.

We build trust

We back each other to get the right results, no matter how we get there and where we’re working.

We are confident

We believe that we can reach our end-goal for mapmaking together: the first real-time map.

We create

TomTom’ers think outside of the box to get around hurdles. And if they don’t know the answer, we support their learning and growth to help them find it.

We keep it simple

We put ourselves in the shoes of our customers, making sure everything we do simplifies the complex.

We have fun

Whether it's a summer party or a quick coffee chat to catch up on each other's favorite TV shows, TomTom'ers stay connected and enjoy what they do.

For you to map the world, we built workplaces all around it

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