Map Maker

TomTom Map Maker is an online tool that helps you create fresh, beautiful maps. It goes beyond map styling to allow you to effortlessly collaborate on designing, testing and publishing unique maps that reflect your brand.

Try the tutorial 

Want to build your custom map style in just a few minutes? Let our step-by-step tutorial for TomTom Map Maker be your guide. 


  • What is Map Maker?
  • What can I do with Map Maker?
  • How do I access TomTom Map Maker?
  • Is Map Maker a free tool?
  • Is there any coding required to use Map Maker?
  • Do styles created in Map Maker work in Maps SDK and Navigation SDK?
  • Do styles created in Map Maker work in MapLibre applications?
  • How can I deploy map styles to my applications and prototypes?
  • I’m a Map Styler user, how do I switch to using Map Maker?

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