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Get the insights you need to manage traffic, improve mobility and make location-informed decisions. TomTom MOVE gives city planners, traffic authorities, businesses and municipal agencies easy access to rich traffic analytics and mobility data, delivered through ready-to-use reports and data visualizations. 

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Targeted Marketing

Use location data to understand people’s movements and optimize advertising, marketing and location planning for maximum impact.

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Privacy Assurance

Rest easy with our GDPR-compliant, privacy-first approach, ensuring data security and anonymity. 

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Cost-Effective Solution

Obtain deep data insights without the need to set up and maintain expensive hardware, saving time and money.

Seamless integration

Effortless Integration

Seamlessly integrate our data and reports with your existing infrastructure, minimizing setup time.

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Traffic Stats

How does traffic change around a football stadium on match days compared to normal days?

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O/D Analysis

How were trip volumes at Dubai International Airport affected by Covid-19 quarantine measures?

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O/D Analysis

Road versus ferry in Sweden: What do drivers prefer to use?

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Traffic Stats product sheet
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Origin Destination Analysis product sheet
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Route Monitoring product sheet
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Junction Analytics Product Sheet
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