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Omnitracs and TomTom

Flawless fleet operations, driven by top location data.

From planning the best routes to updating customers about their orders, fleet and transportation firms count on Omnitracs to keep it all moving smoothly.

Omnitracs pioneered the use of commercial vehicle telematics over 35 years ago. Today, more than 14,000 companies worldwide use Omnitracs’ fleet management and data analytics solutions to manage close to 1.1 million assets.

Big and small, these businesses all count on Omnitracs to help them run operations as efficiently as possible and fulfill constantly changing customer requirements. How does the company bring it all together? By partnering with TomTom for global map coverage and logistics-specific data.

Managing complex operations

Using TomTom data, Omnitracs develops software that meets a wide range of fleet-specific needs. That includes a full suite of routing and dispatch solutions, which help back-office teams plan the best routes for deliveries and make changes on the fly, provide turn-by-turn navigation for drivers, and enable delivery tracking and status notifications for customers.

To help clients plan optimal routes to and from depots and calculate precise travel times, Omnitracs integrates TomTom location data into its custom route-path algorithms and time-and-distance matrix builder. With these capabilities, back-office teams can plan the most efficient routes for each delivery, while drivers receive accurate directions and estimated arrival times (ETAs).

The Omnitracs solution is further enhanced with the TomTom logistics dataset. This takes unique large vehicle attributes, including height, weight and cargo type, into account to provide optimal routes for commercial drivers – making sure they travel on compliant roads and avoid restrictions, such as tunnels with vehicle height and width limits.

Finally, to power its Active Alert solution, Omintracs harnesses the TomTom Geofencing API and Notifications API. With this powerful duo, the company can provide customers with proactive updates on their order status and alert them when a delivery driver is approaching their location.

Driving business success

With TomTom data and tech powering its fleet management solutions, Omnitracs delivers the timely insight and precise routing its clients need to drive efficient operations. The company has now been working with TomTom for decades, and the partnership continues to deliver valuable benefits, including:

  • Increased safety: Drivers can rest assured they are taking the safest routes and maintaining compliance with local regulations and travel restrictions.

  • Improved visibility: Back-office teams can proactively monitor assets and vehicles on a map, ensure driver and cargo safety, and adjust ETAs based on road conditions.

  • Greater cost-efficiency: Smarter routing improves the bottom line by improving the rate of on-time deliveries and cutting fuel costs.

  • Happier customers: Regular updates and consistent delivery time estimates boost customer confidence and satisfaction.

As technologies and needs evolve, Omnitracs and TomTom continue to help fleet and logistics leaders meet and exceed the expectations of their customers and teams.

Cyndi Brandt

Product Marketing, Omnitracs

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