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Flow Labs and TomTom 

Paving the way to a world with a smoother flow of traffic

Flow Labs, a transportation software technology leader specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and transportation data integration, is on a mission to make roads safer, cleaner and congestion free. TomTom has now joined the journey, delivering industry-leading traffic data to Flow Labs to reach this milestone sooner. 

Flow Labs offers the most sophisticated data analytics and signal optimization solutions available on the market. The company’s AI-powered platform makes it possible to analyze, monitor and optimize traffic flow across an entire city in seconds. 

Flow Lab’s flagship product, Optimus, enables agencies to introduce on-demand signal optimization to continually update their traffic signal timing to account for changes in traffic patterns. According to the company, Optimus can reduce peak travel times by up to 24% and vehicle emissions on major road networks by up to 21%. 

Now, together with TomTom, Flow Labs is integrating richer, more robust traffic information into its platform and other solutions — making it even easier for transportation authorities to shorten travel times, reduce traffic and improve road safety. 

Tackling congestion with data and AI 

This partnership gives Flow Labs full access to TomTom’s historical and real-time traffic data, based on anonymized information from more than 600 million connected devices. It marks the very first time that TomTom Traffic data has been used in a live traffic signal optimization environment. 

With this treasure trove of traffic insights at its fingertips, Flow Labs is adding a new level of high-quality historical and real-time data to its platform, giving customers and partners access to data captured from 20-35% of vehicles on the road. By capturing information from vehicles on the road, organizations can achieve industry-leading results without the need to install new hardware or infrastructure.  

By increasing probe data access by more than 5x, transportation agencies will see a remarkable 62% reduction in data errors. Transportation professionals can have a clearer view of what’s happening on the road, helping them make timelier, better-informed decisions about managing people and vehicle movements.  

Traffic authorities could, for example, use Flow Labs’ technology to analyze and appraise road network performance and signal timings at intersections along a specific transport corridor or across an entire city or region. Armed with this information, they could identify potential opportunities to optimize vehicle flows, ease traffic at peak times and reduce travel times.  

It truly is the ultimate use case for TomTom Traffic: delivering real-world insights to make road travel smoother and safer. And this is only the beginning. As TomTom continues to add more functionality to its Traffic products, Flow Labs’ analytics platform will be positioned to unlock new opportunities for traffic management — moving us all one step closer to less congestion, more reliable travel times and safer streets. 

With TomTom, we’re getting a massive increase in connected vehicle probe data that helps us provide traffic managers with a crystal-clear picture of what is happening on any given roadway, at any given time.

Jatish Patel
Founder and CEO, Flow Labs 

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