Who we are

It’s not easy creating a category – being the first to come up with a new solution to an old problem. Turns out it can be even more difficult climbing out from the shadow that legacy casts.

We appreciate why when people think TomTom, they think navigation. Our first device was one of the fastest-selling consumer technology products in history, putting us front and center of millions of road trips, visits to grandma’s, showing up to life’s important moments on time.

Not only did we put personal navigation on the map, we made the map personal navigation is built on. That’s why we’re confident we’ll change the game again as the first mapmaker to map the world in real time.

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Our vision
Our mission
Our purpose
Map the world in real time

Today’s digital maps – while accurate and up to date – are a beat or two behind. For most things – getting around, ordering food, finding love even, this is more than enough.

But a map that’s in lock step with real life opens up a world of possibilities – deeper levels of connectivity, autonomous driving, the metaverse – to make life better for everyone.

And while others claim they do this with live maps and the like, no company has yet to make a map that truly mirrors the world. We intend to be the first. Stay tuned.
Build the smartest, most useful map on the planet

Our contextual maps do more than just show places and how to get to them. We amplify what matters and turn down the noise on what doesn’t. 

By focusing on what matters to each user, we reveal what’s relevant, visualize what's ahead and provide the necessary information to make the next best move.
Help people find their way in the world

We don’t want to take over the world.

We want to map it and give users a window into what's happening around them. We're doing this by democratizing data and collaborating with the best resources to make maps that open the world for all. One of our biggest collaborations is the Overture Maps Foundation™.

TomTom, together with its Overture partners, Amazon Web Services, Meta and Microsoft, has created a world standard in mapping. Interoperable map data created in collaboration with thousands of data sources results in maps that are fresher, richer in detail and more accurate.

We are also working with our partners such as Microsoft, Stellantis, Uber, Volkswagen Group, Loop and Hyundai Motor Group, we help people understand their place in the world so they can go further in it.
Our customers – and their customers – have always been at the heart of everything we do.
It’s how TomTom became synonymous with navigation. And it's how we’re spurring partner innovation, reducing friction for developers and helping users make smarter decisions.

We don’t just make products for our partners; we make them with our partners.

Our maps solve problems, big and small. So does the team that makes them, working with each customer in the way works best for their business.
Together, we are a 4,000+ strong team of talented, diverse individuals that the mapping and location technologies relied upon by developers, drivers, businesses and governments around the world.
Together, we are a 3,800+ strong team of talented, diverse individuals that make the mapping and location technologies relied upon by developers, drivers, businesses and governments around the world.
Before TomTom, after TomTom
Since changing the way people drive, we have never stopped working on how we can improve how the world moves.