TomTom about us

Who we are

We’re mapmakers. We’ve been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in location technology for over 30 years.  

We defined the category of personal navigation and created one of the fastest selling consumer products in history – gaining unparalleled knowledge on how the world moves along the way.  

Today, we are redefining what it means to map the world, creating a trusted foundation for innovators, automakers, developers, businesses big and small, to build tomorrow’s products. 

Our vision
Our mission
Our purpose

Map the world in real time

The world is constantly changing but most maps struggle to keep up. Mapping the world in real time has been our dream – and we’re now close to realizing it. 

We’re pioneering real-time map updates by setting a new global standard in mapmaking, harnessing the power of collaborative, community-driven mapping. Our maps give people all over the world the tools they need to innovate and keep the world moving, without surprises.


Inspire innovation with the world’s most useful map

With today’s emerging technologies, tomorrow’s products are hard to predict. But we do know they will require superior maps– fresh, accurate, ever-growing and interoperable maps. 

By leveraging the most cutting-edge AI and mapmaking technologies and partnering with some of the world’s biggest tech companies, we are building a mapping foundation that innovators can build on with confidence.


Innovation for a moving world

Every day, we’re motivated to solve the problems slowing our societal progress. We create mapping solutions that unlock new opportunities for a moving world. 

Whether you’re tracking a delivery or making one, building an app or running a business; whether you’re making cars, managing a fleet or ordering a ride; however you move, TomTom is there for you. 

Collaboration fuels innovation

Collaboration makes better maps, better products and better partnerships. We don’t just make products for you, we make them with you and keep your customer at the heart of it all. 

Tom Tom work culture

We’re a global team of 3,700 passionate individuals, together making the technologies that businesses, developers, drivers and governments rely on around the world. 

Keeping the world moving

As a company, as mapmakers, as a team – we’ve come a long way. Join us in going even further, together.