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Simacan and TomTom

Paving the way to smarter logistics services.

Simacan and TomTom

In logistics, having the right information at the right time makes all the difference between delivering goods on schedule and falling behind.

Simacan believes that the journey to seamless operations starts by providing all players in the logistics market with full visibility and control over deliveries. The Dutch company launched in 2012 with a platform that enables users to monitor and manage every link in the transport delivery chain – from helping operations teams plan the fastest routes for shipments to updating drivers with live traffic information and sharing precise estimated times of arrival (ETAs) with customers.

Simacan knows that it takes accurate, up-to-date location information to drive capabilities like these. That’s why the company has trusted TomTom to provide map and traffic data for its platform since day one.

Improved insight and control for all

By choosing TomTom as its location data partner, Simacan gets access to continuously updated map data and a traffic database covering the complete road network in Europe. This traffic data includes both live and historic information on traffic incidents, delays, travel times and road speeds.

Simacan has integrated TomTom’s data and connected services with its proprietary routing and ETA algorithms, adapting the technology to fit its preferences and needs. Rich location information allows Simacan’s users to calculate precise and predictive routes and ETAs for deliveries. Incorporating live traffic data also makes it easy to manage last-minute changes, guiding drivers around disruptions and delays and updating ETAs on the fly to keep customers informed about their orders’ progress.

Simacan continues to add new capabilities to its logistics platform to provide users with an even better experience. The company is constantly working to improve ETA calculations in different geographies, including mountain regions. It is also moving forward with a pre-process functionality for improved transport planning, which incorporates pre-calculated content, such as time-distance calculations, to help teams look ahead and optimize future deliveries.

Simacan and TomTom

Delivering a better experience

With rich and reliable location information from TomTom, Simacan helps transport and logistics providers coordinate more accurate, connected and cost-efficient operations – and this benefits all players in the delivery chain.

End-customers receive clear, real-time information about their shipments, including ETAs that they can trust, boosting their satisfaction and loyalty. Meanwhile, Simacan’s clients can keep everyone – planners, distribution centers, drivers and carriers – informed and in sync about transportation operations. The result? A delivery process that’s efficient, sustainable and safe.

By leveraging the power of TomTom map and traffic data, Simacan’s supply chain platform provides visibility into what’s happening, allowing drivers and operators to better cooperate and adjust as needed in real time.

Michiel Winthagen
COO, Simacan

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