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Traffic Stats

How will closing one road impact traffic on others? Where are the biggest bottlenecks? Get the insights you need to understand, predict and reduce traffic with TomTom Traffic Stats: our road network analysis tool that’s available online via the TomTom MOVE or API.

TomTom Traffic Stats is a self-service product that gives you direct access to the industry’s largest historical traffic database. With deep insight into road speeds, travel times and traffic density, you can identify mobility pain points, assess the impact of road network changes, improve traffic management and much more.

Features and benefits

Maximize existing investments

Our extensive location data helps you get more out of your hardware network. Complement existing infrastructure and sensor data with broader coverage and higher volume samples to gain a fuller picture of real-road conditions.

Rich reports, ready in minutes

Create customized queries for specific routes or entire areas and explore the results through interactive maps and charts. Most reports are available to view or download in minutes, with even the most complicated queries taking less than 24 hours to complete.

Multiple formats available on demand

Available 24/7, Traffic Stats lets you access powerful traffic insights whenever you need them. With data formats including Shape, Json, Excel and KML, choose the format that works best for you.

Privacy-first approach

TomTom takes data privacy seriously. We are fully compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy rules, collecting aggregated, anonymous GPS data to protect users’ personal info.

Web portal or API: the choice is yours

TomTom Traffic Stats is a self-service product available via the TomTom MOVE or our powerful APIs. Access reports with ready-to-use data visualizations on the web portal, download the results for your own custom analysis or plug the API into an existing analytics platform.

Customer stories

See how these organizations analyze and manage road congestion more effectively with TomTom Traffic Stats.

5T Srl

With up-to-the-minute insights into congestion across the city of Turin, 5T Srl can make smarter decisions to keep people moving safely and smoothly.

Brussels Mobility

Brussels Mobility changed car lanes into cycle and pedestrian paths, and used TomTom traffic data to map the impact on mobility.

Transport Hi-Tech Consultants (THTC)

Transport Hi-Tech Consultants (THTC) helps local authorities in Saudi Arabia manage congestion on busy roads with highly accurate historical traffic data.

City of Amsterdam

The City of Amsterdam uses TomTom Traffic Stats alongside data from license plate cameras and induction loops to analyze the impact of road closures and improve traffic flow.

TomTom Traffic Stats product sheet
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Helsinki case study
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