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Discover how the world’s top companies are driving success with TomTom data and tech.
Groupe PSA and TomTom
Microsoft Azure Maps and TomTom
Daimler and TomTom

Groupe PSA

Over four million PSA vehicles are powered by TomTom’s full-stack navigation.

Microsoft Azure

Bringing developers TomTom’s best-in-class location data on the Microsoft Azure cloud.


Drivers of the Mercedes-Benz Actros truck save time and fuel thanks to TomTom.
Accurate mapping is at the heart of Uber’s platform, which is why we’re thrilled to continue teaming up with TomTom.
Michael Weiss-Malik
Director of Product, Maps and GSS, Uber
Uber logo
We look forward to continuing to build upon and evolve our product suite with TomTom’s technology. By expanding our agreement, we are furthering our commitment to providing best-in-breed location technology for Verizon and our customers.

Jeff Frantz
Executive Director, Verizon Location Services
TomTom’s suite of industry-leading global map and traffic datasets has the reliability, uniformity and scale needed to enrich any business’ location intelligence platform or application.

Dan Adams
SVP Data and Operations, Precisely
Adding heavy-duty geocoding to Alteryx’s analytics platform with maps APIs.
Tracking and guiding hundreds of thousands of professional drivers with TomTom tech.
TomTom APIs power cutting-edge fleet management and smart mobility solutions.
Leading navigation for cars, trucks and fleets, fueled by TomTom maps and traffic.