Success story

Sygic and TomTom

Helping fleet and logistics companies deliver the goods on time.

When you’re in the business of moving people or goods, the right routes can make all the difference to your success.

Leading navigation provider Sygic knows just how important reliable routing can be. More than 200 million drivers count on its offline navigation app to get from A to B smoothly. The company also supports more than 2,000 fleets with specialized routing solutions, used by over 3 million commercial drivers.

From delivering online shopping orders to transporting vital medical supplies, fleet and logistics firms from all over the world turn to Sygic for the best route planning and accurate estimated times of arrival (ETAs). How does the company deliver on their demands? With leading location and traffic data from TomTom.

Leading the way for professional drivers

Designed to address the unique routing needs of fleets and logistics companies, Sygic’s Professional Navigation solution gets commercial drivers where they need to go safely and efficiently. It harnesses TomTom map data to plan the best routes for deliveries, considering factors including vehicle dimensions and weight, cargo type and restricted access to certain roads. The routing algorithm is dynamic with self-learning capabilities, allowing it to understand the nuances of driver behavior and modify its settings accordingly.

To further optimize routing and ETA calculations, Sygic makes use of TomTom’s real-time and historical traffic data. Powered by over half a billion connected devices worldwide, TomTom Traffic enriches Sygic’s routing algorithm with real-road information, including accidents, traffic jams and road closures, as well as average driving speeds and travel times on specific routes. With these details, the routing algorithm can calculate optimal routes and incredibly precise ETAs.

Sygic’s navigation solution works both online and offline, meaning that drivers don’t have to worry about running up high data roaming charges or getting stuck without directions when there’s no network connection. What’s more, fleet managers can plan routes beforehand in the back office and send them directly to a vehicle’s navigation system, so drivers can just get in and start their journey.

Exceptional experiences from start to finish

As demand for fast, efficient and on-time deliveries continues to grow, Sygic can make sure its customers meet these rising expectations with robust routing solutions powered by TomTom data.

Optimized routing helps fleet and logistics operators cut operating costs thanks to less fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance and fewer missed deliveries. Drivers enjoy more relaxed journeys and meet their targets more easily, while end customers can count on timely delivery. It adds up to an all-round exceptional experience that keeps both goods and people moving safely and smoothly.

We selected TomTom as our map and traffic data provider because the company was open to exploring new business models, giving us the opportunity to cooperate with them and to grow. We also find TomTom technology to be first-rate in scope, depth and accuracy.

Martin Hornacek
Head of Maps, Sygic

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