Customer story

Delphi Technologies and TomTom

TomTom and Delphi Technologies combined driver-assistance systems with advanced powertrain software to increase driver comfort and achieve fuel savings greater than 10%, without losing time on the road.

The challenge

Every driver wants more comfort, safety and fuel efficiency on the road. The challenge is increasing all three, without extending travel time. Achieving it requires industry partnerships able to co-create the right kind of pre-integrated solutions to improve all aspects of a driver’s journey.

The collaboration between TomTom and Delphi Technologies is another key partnership, where a renowned automotive supplier chose TomTom based on our geolocation technology and expertise. This way automakers have the benefit of selecting a successfully proven solution backed by years of experience.

TomTom solution

With the TomTom ADAS Map, the Delphi Technologies Intelligent Driving system can “see” the road ahead, enabling the vehicle to anticipate upcoming curves, hills and speed limits to slow down or accelerate for smoother and more efficient driving.

TomTom delivered both hardware and software components to Delphi, including Intel NUC, a positioning device and the latest releases of applicable software – including the TomTom Virtual Horizon, compliant to ADASIS v2.0.4 protocol, which exposes map attributes such as form of way (e.g. single or multiple carriageway, slip road, roundabout, etc.), speed limits, number of lanes, curvature, slope and more.

For example, if there is an upcoming descent in the road or speed limit change, feeding TomTom ADAS Map data into Delphi Technologies Intelligent Driving system’s automotive powertrain software, the vehicle will anticipate the change and adjust the vehicle’s speed accordingly. Sharp braking and acceleration therefore become reduced for greater comfort and safety, while achieving enhanced eco-performance through ‘intelligent’ speed control.

The benefit

As a result of the collaboration, TomTom and Delphi created a proven solution that increases driver safety and comfort while reducing fuel or energy consumption – by more than 10%. Drivers get all this without losing extra time on the road.

For automakers, such pre-integration reduces risk while also shortening the time to market. These benefits are inherent to TomTom’s collaborative DNA, always looking for key partners to bring our automotive offering to the next level.

The significant efficiency gains from our collaboration with TomTom demonstrate how our proprietary Intelligent Driving system, combined with the right, high-fidelity mapping data, can enable everyday vehicles to drive cleaner, better and further, without compromises.

Paul Farrell

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development, Delphi Technologies

Services delivered to Delphi Technologies include: