Customer story

Microsoft Azure Maps and TomTom

TomTom and Microsoft are putting best-in-class geolocation technology into the hands of developers worldwide to build and manage location-aware applications. In the partnership, TomTom is the leading location data provider for Microsoft, powering mapping services across Azure, Bing Maps, Cortana, Windows and more innovations that will come forward through this continued relationship.

The challenge

As demand for services such as ride-hailing and on-demand grocery delivery increases, location data is becoming increasingly important for the development of mobile and web applications. To meet the evolving needs of its customers, Microsoft needed the right partner to integrate location-based services into their products.

TomTom solution

By hosting TomTom location data on the Azure cloud, Microsoft is providing its enterprise customers the ability to build geospatial functionality into web and mobile applications. The full suite of TomTom Maps APIs delivers mapping, search, routing and traffic capabilities based on accurate location data sourced responsibly from a global community of users.

The benefit

Developers and enterprises have access to TomTom’s data and services directly through the Azure platform, able to use our key components for creating IoT, smart mobility, logistics and asset tracking solutions.

Businesses also have access to market-leading maps and traffic data to manage and optimize fleets through multi-stop route optimization capabilities and provide customers with accurate ETAs. For urban authorities, this technology enables smart city solutions, including real-time parking information and specific traffic information to control traffic density in congested areas.

From mobile location search capabilities to autonomous driving solutions, the close collaboration between TomTom and Microsoft makes critical location data more accessible than ever.

TomTom’s data and services are critical to Microsoft. TomTom Maps APIs powers Maps, Search, Routing, and Traffic for Azure Maps, which serves Microsoft Azure’s enterprise customers, while their map and traffic data is now the foundation for consumer location services for Bing Maps customers. We’re able to offer the freshest data to Azure customers across industries with TomTom data and Azure Maps services all running together in the same cloud.

Chris Pendleton

Partner PM Manager for Azure Maps

Services delivered to Microsoft Azure Maps include: