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CARIAD and TomTom

Behind the dash tech for great on-the-road experiences.

CARIAD and TomTom

The perfect mix of flexibility and innovation

The Volkswagen Group car lines will utilize TomTom navigation and traffic tech to make driving even easier, improving on-the-road experiences. Through close collaborations, greater integration and with the mindset of continuous innovation, TomTom will combine its navigation tech with CARIAD’s premium user experience and vehicle integration software.

By 2030, CARIAD aims to connect up to 40 million vehicles globally to Volkswagen Group’s Automotive Cloud. By leveraging Volkswagens Group’s global fleet size and making use of its data, CARIAD will continuously improve the quality and coverage of the navigation services. The first Volkswagen Group models showcasing this ground-breaking technology will be electric, hitting the road in 2023. These models will benefit from TomTom’s hyper-precise EV Range and Routing.

TomTom’s innovative cloud-native navigation technology utilizes super-fast and up-to-date routing that includes real-time traffic insights. Regular over-the-air updates deliver the latest navigation info, while a fully functional offline mode means drivers are never without trusted guidance. TomTom is also developing other state-of-the-art features including lane level navigation, lane dependent traffic, and a more advanced and personalized EV experience that promises to make the journey even smoother and safer.

By partnering with TomTom, we are taking another step towards transforming Volkswagen Group cars into an automotive experience that seamlessly integrates into the driver’s digital life. With TomTom’s trusted support and expertise, backed by the Volkswagen Group’s extensive connected fleet, we will bring many exciting innovations to the market that will contribute towards a safer, more time-efficient and intuitive driving experience.

Francisco Moreno

Head of Navigation, CARIAD – a Volkswagen Group Company

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