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'Trucking Girl' Iwona Blecharczyk talks about the tech that's helping get women into truck driving

This year’s International Women's Day highlighted the importance of innovative tech in promoting gender equality and empowering women. To celebrate the day and learn more, we sat down with Iwona Blecharczyk, TomTom ambassador and truck driver, to understand how tech innovation is making the trucking industry more appealing and accessible to women.
Mar 15, 2023·3 mins read
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What is a nuclear verdict? And how does TomTom route around the problem?

Fleet and logistics companies don’t just have to worry about getting goods from A to B on time. They also worry about them getting there in one piece. There’s not much that can go wrong when delivering your Amazon Prime order or Uber Eats. But when things get a bit more industrial, the risk goes through the roof. Location data, and dedicated routing, can help take the edge off, though.
Mar 02, 2023·5 mins read
The Partnership Powering Africa's Map | TomTom Newsroom
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TomTom and MapIT: The partnership powering Africa's map

Imagine living in Cape Town, South Africa. Dew clings to your car as you make your way through the city center on your morning commute. As your view rotates around the gaze of Mandela’s portrait on the Cape Town civic center, your satnav device directs you past the unfinished section of the highway. As you drive around it, seeing how easy it would be to get the turning wrong, you ask yourself a question you've asked yourself a thousand times before: are they ever going to finish that?
Dec 07, 2022·5 mins read
How TomTom Data Helps Autobahn GmbH Make German Roads Safer | TomTom Newsroom
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Helping Autobahn GmbH ensure safe and efficient transport on German roads

It’s the mission and responsibility of road authorities in Germany to ensure people can travel safely and efficiently throughout the country’s major road network. This responsibility is handled by regional traffic management teams. Last year a new agency, Autobahn GmbH, was formed to provide centralized oversight covering the various regional entities. Through the Autobahn project, German transport authorities turned to PTV Group and TomTom for the data and tools needed to transform safety on German roads.
Sep 15, 2022·4 mins read
Unlock Business Insights with Traffic Data and Spatial Analysis | TomTom
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Unlock business insights with traffic data and spatial analysis

Spatial analysis is a process where challenges are modeled geographically. These challenges might include evaluating the geographic suitability of locations for site selection, financial investment or transportation infrastructure upgrades. Results of this analysis are computer processed, allowing us to explore the world in a new way. Every business and government body relies on understanding location, so having the best knowledge possible about places is incredibly valuable. From parcel delivery to on-demand food distribution to safe and efficient road travel, knowing the location of origin, destination, and all points in between is crucial.
Jun 07, 2022·3 mins read
How Melissa Data is Getting Locations Right | TomTom Newsroom
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How Melissa Data is getting locations right

We see time after time how location data is important to business success. But what happens if location listings are wrong? People can't find the restaurant at the address you provide. Your packages end up getting delivered to your neighbor. Your taxi driver can't find your pickup point. For over 35 years, Melissa Data has been verifying address data, helping to ensure that restaurants are found, packages are delivered properly, and on-demand drivers find their passengers.
Jun 02, 2022·3 mins read
How Partnerships Are Essential for a Sustainable Future | TomTom
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Going green together – How partnerships are essential for a sustainable future

We’re all about solving what matters at TomTom – sustainable development is one of the most significant issues we face today. So, in honor of Earth Day on April 22, we’re looking back at a recent webinar in which we explored a solution: partnerships. Specifically, how can we all work together and contribute towards achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goal 11 for sustainable cities and communities.
May 25, 2022·4 mins read
How Location Data Can Help Emergency Responders | TomTom Newsroom
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How location data can help emergency responders get to incidents quicker and save more lives

In the world of public safety and emergency response, every second matters when it comes to saving lives. Having ready access to fire and ambulance services is vital to this mission. The challenge of traffic and negotiating congestion to get to the scene of an emergency is ever present. But with ever-rising costs and continued budget cuts, there’s the additional problem that not every agency can afford the additional fire stations, safety vehicles and emergency personnel needed to quickly get to the scene of incidents all over town.
Apr 25, 2022·6 mins read
Connected Cars and Data Sharing | TomTom Newsroom
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Connected cars are creating a costly data problem, this company thinks it has a solution

The internet is ubiquitous in the built-up world these days. Everything from our smartphones and computers to our fridges and light bulbs are connected to the web. Even items that live outside our homes, like our cars, are now “connected”. On one hand, this abundant connectivity is bringing us the cars of the future, but it’s also bringing a costly problem with it: data.
Feb 25, 2022·11 mins read
Innovactory Smart Mobility Solutions | TomTom Newsroom
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How Innovactory apps streamline and facilitate daily commutes, frequent trips and journeys

As the world slowly begins to embrace a “new normal” and workers return to the office, there’s been an obvious uptick in traffic on the roadways. More cars on the road means traffic congestion, jams and safety concerns are back. Drive times, pollution and traveler anxiety are also increasing. It looks like we’ll be back to spending 35 hours per year in traffic jams and 100 hours per year searching for parking.
Feb 22, 2022·5 mins read
How Augmented Reality Creates a Seamless Driving Experience | TomTom Newsroom
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How augmented reality creates a seamless driving experience

The automotive industry is constantly evolving and developing new technology to make driving a more intuitive and enjoyable experience. If current trends are any indication, augmented reality (AR) could be the next big thing to help car manufacturers create the next generation of innovative navigation solutions that bring human-like perception to vehicles.
Dec 14, 2021·5 mins read
LOOP is Revolutionizing Auto Insurance with Location Data | TomTom Newsroom
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LOOP is revolutionizing auto insurance with location data

When it comes to auto insurance, drivers are looking for providers that offer reasonable rates based on fair estimates of risk, but classic insurance models don’t always allow for this. LOOP thinks there is a better way. It uses location data to understand driver behavior and road risk, and offer individualized and fair premiums.
Dec 09, 2021·4 mins read
How WowTruck Maximizes Efficiency of Fleet Tracking and Delivery | TomTom Newsroom
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How WowTruck maximizes efficiency of fleet tracking and delivery

In the world of fleet management, there are two big jobs. The first is to maximize the amount of time a fleet driver spends on the road with a fully loaded trailer. The second is maintaining visibility of fleet assets.
Nov 18, 2021·5 mins read
Chalo Improves ETA Accuracy Using TomTom Location Data | TomTom Newsroom
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How Chalo redefines bus travel in India using location technology

People living in India rely on mass transit to get around. But for those that live outside the 3 major Indian cities, mass transit options are limited to buses, which are inefficient.
Nov 11, 2021·4 mins read
TomTom and Aisin team up to accelerate ISA compliance | TomTom Newsroom
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TomTom and Aisin team up to accelerate Intelligent Speed Assistance compliance

The automotive industry in Europe is preparing for the Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) legislation, which comes into effect in July 2022. Every new vehicle in the EU must include ISA per July 2024.
Nov 04, 2021·3 mins read
Smarter Paratransit Solutions Using Location Data | TomTom Newsroom
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Smarter paratransit solutions using location data

You book a ride with your city’s paratransit service to get to an important appointment. You get an update from its app telling you you’ll be picked up 15 minutes early to ensure you get there on time. This happens all the time, but have you ever thought about what goes into providing you with instant, real-time pick-up and drop off times?
Sep 08, 2021·5 mins read
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