A person next to her car, enjoying the nice weather

The Short Cut: Summer Tech Spotlight

Summer is here and so are the hottest trends in tech and mobility! From exploring San Francisco in driverless cars to the mapping in the upcoming Paris Olympics, there’s plenty to discover and enjoy this month’s edition!
Jul 02, 2024·8 mins read
The Short Cut Banner - May

The Short Cut: Innovations in motion - AR, EVs and automated safety

We’re back again! It’s the Short Cut time. This month’s edition is packed with stories we’ve been reading, covering AI in transport to record EV sales and the traffic impact of stunning northern lights display (yes, even in May). Here are the latest updates.
Jun 03, 2024·8 mins read

The Short Cut: Navigating the latest advancements in LiDAR, AI, EV and sustainable mobility

Welcome to this brand-new monthly edition of The Short Cut! We've expanded our coverage to bring you even more news from the cutting-edge of our industry. In this edition, we share the stories that got us talking over the past month — covering game-changing LiDAR tech to AI’s next big leap.
Apr 19, 2024·7 mins read
A picture of the CES2024 logo outside the convention center

The Short Cut CES2024 wrap-up: AI, hydrogen engines and a flying taxi

We're back! It's a new year and time for another edition of The Short Cut. After a week at CES, the tech industry is brimming with exciting new products. With thousands announced, we've picked some of our favourites. The short version? AI was the hot topic, taxis can now fly and hydrogen engines are a thing. Let’s get started!
Jan 19, 2024·3 mins read
Using AI to map icebergs and optimize public transport | TomTom Newsroom

The Short Cut: Exploring AI, from melting icebergs to urban streets.

From melting Icebergs to urban streets, AI is everywhere. This week we’re exploring how AI is speeding up how scientists map icebergs, upgrading in-car experiences, helping target illegally parked vehicles and more. Ready? Let’s dive in!
Nov 21, 2023·1 mins read
spooky, halloween, speed limit

The Short Cut: Halloween candy hunt maps, electric flying cars, the ULEZ expansion and more.

Well, it's that time of the year again, Halloween is just around the corner. With that in mind, in this edition, we'll take a look at digital maps that make the Halloween candy hunt easier, Japan's shortage of taxi drivers, an electric jet breaking into the U.S. market, robot dogs mapping radiation and more.
Oct 27, 2023·3 mins read
The Short Cut: Five new legal measures impacting mobility and transportation.

The Short Cut: 5 ways mobility has changed this week

Welcome back to the Short Cut! This week we dive into how new rules and restrictions are impacting the transportation and mobility industry. From consumers getting discounts on their EV purchases, to new speed limit restrictions sparking protests, and a new plan to “back drivers” in UK. Discover the key news from the past few weeks here.
Oct 13, 2023·4 mins read
A picture of the entrance to IAA in Munich

Standout trends and what we saw at IAA this year

Last week, the International Motor Show (IAA Mobility) in Munich, Germany took place. It’s one of the world’s most exciting mobility trade fairs, attracting carmakers, escooter and micromobility brands, OEMs and emobility service providers (eMSPs) from all over the world. This year we saw some key trends start to emerge, here’s what we learned.
Sep 12, 2023·5 mins read

The Short Cut: From underground to deep space mapping, and OSM turns 19

Stop scrolling through long lists, our five must-read stories of the week are here. This week, we discover how AI revolutionizes underground mapping, the huge value of aerial imagery in mapping, a map unveiling the mysteries of the universe and more. Ready? Let's dive in!
Aug 21, 2023·4 mins read

The Short Cut: Our favorite AI-based location tech stories of the week

We’ve been reading a lot of news over the past week and there’s one topic coming up over and over again: artificial intelligence. AI dominates the headlines at the moment and it’s promising to reinvent almost everything around us, including mapmaking and location tech. This week, we’re looking at stories that explore how AI can recreate lost neighborhoods, revolutionize property tax collection and fuel autonomous taxis that spark debate.
Jul 21, 2023·4 mins read

Is inflation damping summer plans? How Europe will travel in 2023

Inflation has been in the spotlight during this tough year, driven by surging energy costs, food and fuel prices, it’s impacting Europeans' summer holiday plans. However, will these challenges be enough to halt their travel? We asked over 340 TomTom Drivers about their summer plans to see if inflation is putting their holidays on hold or not*. Here's the answer.
Jun 15, 2023·5 mins read

The Short Cut: Book flights on Uber, videogame-powered dashboards and more

Welcome back to The Short Cut! This week, we've compiled five must-read stories that caught our attention over the past few weeks. Here’s a sneak peek: we’ll be looking at Uber's new flight booking feature, sleepy driver detection systems, how videogames and the automotive industry are colliding and more. Ready? Let's dive in!
May 12, 2023·4 mins read

The Short Cut: Britain getting hands-free driving, JLR's electric ambitions

It's time for another Short Cut, here to give you five of the top stories that have captured our attention in TomTom Towers recently. This past week, it's a story of future EVs, electric motorbikes, hands-free driving in Britain and beautiful maps as works of art.
Apr 21, 2023·3 mins read

The Short Cut: How maps link sharks, Pokémon Go and a hacked Tesla

Welcome to another episode of The Short Cut. This week we share some of the most interesting stories in mapping, location tech and automotive that grabbed our attention over the past seven days. Stories include maps used for pleasure, play, visualizing the abstract and for marine conservation. Read on for all the stories.
Apr 07, 2023·4 mins read

The Short Cut: A look at Women's Month, gender bias in AI, women-only ride hailing and more

Welcome to the Women’s Month edition of The Short Cut! In this special episode we share the latest trends, achievements and challenges faced by women in the tech and mobility tech industries. Get ready to dive into stories about how Femtech is revolutionizing women’s health, AI and gender bias and the rise of women-only mobility services. Let’s get to it!
Mar 24, 2023·4 mins read
A map with a location pin marking Platinum

TomTom joins the OpenStreetMap Foundation as its first Platinum Member

TomTom recently announced that it’s supporting the OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF) as a Platinum Member. Last year, the geolocation company explained the instrumental role that OpenStreetMap (OSM) data is playing in its efforts to build the smartest map on the planet via the TomTom Orbis Maps. Its latest move further affirms the company’s commitment to the global OSM project.
Mar 16, 2023·3 mins read
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