TomTom Begins Supporting MapLibre with $10,000 Donation | TomTom Newsroom

TomTom begins supporting MapLibre with $10,000 donation

Earlier this week, TomTom announced its goal to build the smartest map on the planet and outlined how its new Maps Platform that will help it get there. Part of the company's new strategy involves using OpenStreetMap data and working with open-source communities. Today, the company officially announces that it's supporting the open-source project, MapLibre.
Nov 04, 2022·2 mins read
China Demonstrates Levitating Cars and More Industry News | TomTom Blog

The Short Cut: China demos levitating cars, and more news

It's all busy, busy at TomTom Towers of late. So we're now bringing you The Short Cut every other week, unless something amazing happens and we can't help but share the news. This week, read on to find out about levitating cars, vintage electric Jeeps and "The Queue."
Sep 19, 2022·4 mins read
TomTom Furthers Important Deal with Hyundai | TomTom Blog

The Short Cut: TomTom furthers important deal with Hyundai, and more industry news

Welcome back to another edition of The Short Cut. After a short break, we've returned to bring you all the stories that are catching our eye at TomTom Towers. This week we're talking about how car culture has impacted language, how location data has helped scientists model disaster responses and we take a quick look at the latest announcement from TomTom.
Sep 02, 2022·4 mins read

The Short Cut: Volunteers drive US climate change heat mapping project

Welcome back to another Short Cut, our weekly run down of EV, mobility and mapping news. Things are getting busy in TomTom Towers, but I can’t tell you why just yet. So for now, you’ll have to make do with our pick of this week’s top news stories. We cover everything from “heat maps” to the cost savings of charging your EV at home. Let’s dive in.
Aug 19, 2022·5 mins read
Computer Chip Makers – The new MVPs | TomTom Blog

The Short Cut: Computer chip makers – the new MVPs and more

It’s that time of the week to veer off the beaten path and take The Short Cut. There’s a lot to discover and discuss — including how computer chip makers are the new MVPs, how school buses are being transformed to fully zero-emission fleets and much more.
Aug 12, 2022·4 mins read
The Viral Trend Driving Up Car Thefts | TomTom Blog

The Short Cut: The viral trend driving up car thefts, and more

Are you ready to take the short cut again? This week, there's plenty to read about — from a trending ‘DIY hack’ that's enabling car thieves to zoom off in Kia and Hyundai cars using just a USB charging cord to an innovative solution that could make installing home EV chargers in the US simpler and cheaper.
Aug 05, 2022·5 mins read
Germany Axes Its EV Incentives | TomTom Blog

The Short Cut: Germany axes its EV incentives, and more

Yes, we’re back again! It’s Short Cut time, folks. This week saw no shortage of stories to sink your claws into. Ford’s buying more batteries to ramp up its EV production and Germany is ridding itself of those handy little things that made EVs cheaper to buy: incentives.
Jul 29, 2022·4 mins read
Bidirectional EVs Could Power a Country | TomTom Blog

The Short Cut: Bidirectional EVs could power a country, and more

Hello, hello. It’s that time of the week again: the Short Cut is landing on your screen, bringing a a bunch of new and hot topics for you to read about. From bidirectional EVs heating up to an update on the EV revolution, there’s no shortage of interesting takes.
Jul 22, 2022·4 mins read
EV Batteries are Downsizing | TomTom Blog

The Short Cut: EV batteries are downsizing, and more

Great to see you again! This week’s Short Cut is ready for your industry-news hungry eyes. From an insightful article on the growing adoption of EVs, to the continuing evolution of batteries, there’s much to read about this week.
Jul 15, 2022·4 mins read
It’s Time Supercars Went Electric | TomTom Blog

The Short Cut: It’s time supercars went electric, and more

Another week, another Short Cut! In this week’s edition we learn how luxury supercars are no longer the privileged elite of the EU when it comes to fossil fuel legislation, and the UK has sold half a million EVs as of June.
Jul 08, 2022·4 mins read
EV Industry is Endangering 22,000 Jobs in the UK | TomTom Blog

The Short Cut: EV industry is endangering 22,000 jobs in the UK, and more

Fancy seeing you here! Welcome back. Are you ready to dive right into the latest news? This week we hear from LG Electronics announcing its foray into EV chargers, to Land Rover EV conversion kits. Let’s get to it.
Jul 01, 2022·5 mins read
How Europe Will Travel in 2022 | TomTom Blog

Chaotic airports or congested roads? How Europe will travel in 2022

With several parts of the world reopening to tourists, summer 2022 is touted as the season travel will recover from the pandemic. We asked Europeans if they plan to go big or stay home to find out whether this summer will be travel chaos or travel chill.
Jun 28, 2022·5 mins read
Ford Announces New EV Plant in Valencia | TomTom Blog

The Short Cut: Ford announces new EV plant in Valencia, and more

Nothing like a bit of industry scoops to start your weekend is there? Welcome back to The Short Cut, where you’ll find the latest hot topics in one place. This week we’ve got the latest on renting EVs and how a push for sustainability from EV consumers is changing mining for the better.
Jun 24, 2022·5 mins read
How to Avoid Common Motorcycling Pitfalls | TomTom Blog

Enjoy the open road: Tips to avoid common motorcycling pitfalls

June 21 is World Motorcycle Day! And this edition comes on the longest day of the year, no less. To honor our two-wheeled friends, we’ve put together a list of handy tips so that you can make the most of your days out on the open road chasing the sun.
Jun 20, 2022·5 mins read
Three Insights All Mobility Companies Should Know | TomTom Blog

The Short Cut: Three insights all mobility companies should know, and more

Welcome back to another Short Cut. TomTom’s roundup of the weeks EV, mobility, transport and mapping news. This week has been a tale of rising petrol prices, mobility industry insights, solar powered cars and ships that can captain themselves across the Atlantic Ocean. Let’s dive in.
Jun 17, 2022·4 mins read
Apple CarPlay Update Has Us Asking All the Right Questions | TomTom Blog

That Apple CarPlay update has us asking all the right questions

At its yearly Worldwide Developer Conference Apple announced a massive update to CarPlay. The update is still years away from reality, but it’s reverberated around the industry for the past week and is making us all, TomTom included, ask a lot of important questions.
Jun 17, 2022·7 mins read
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