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Analyst: How TomTom Orbis Maps is a 'big step forward' for the mobility industry

The mobility industry is undergoing one of its biggest shifts. Carmakers are evolving how they work, demanding new technologies and redefining relationships with their partners, while this creates waves of opportunity it’s not without its challenges. We sat down with Andrew Hart, CEO of industry research firm SBD Automotive, to learn more and understand how TomTom Orbis Maps is playing an important role in defining and supporting this transition.
May 03, 2024·7 mins read
Bird's eye view over an American city, with yellow taxis and other cars visible.
Explainers and insights

Up-cycling streets: How the reallocation of space is driving change in our cities

Travel to any big city and you’ll see construction. New roads, new buildings. We are familiar with the building up. But what needs attention is the building down – changing existing infrastructure through the reallocation of space at eye level. Think about Paris’ plan to ban cars, freeing up space that can be (re)used, or up-cycled, for new purposes. Is this the overlooked challenge cities have been facing around the world?
Apr 03, 2024·4 mins read
Neil shah, counterpoint research, founder, analyst, automotive
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Counterpoint Research: TomTom is uniquely positioned for the software defined car era

Counterpoint Research is a global technology market research firm specializing in the technology, media and telecommunications industries. As part of its ongoing analysis, it recognizes TomTom as an industry leader when it comes to in-vehicle experience, digital cockpit technology and navigation. We sat down with one of the organization’s founders to learn more.
Mar 07, 2024·10 mins read
A head on picture of a typical road junction in London, showing cars, cabs, buses and pedestrians.
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London is still the world's slowest city — highlights from the latest TomTom Traffic Index

The latest TomTom Traffic Index has arrived. Covering traffic trends for 2023, this year’s edition surveys 387 cities around the globe and covers metrics such as congestion, average travel time, the impact of rush hour and the environmental impact of congestion in our cities. It also tracks the cost of driving which, in a world struck by an increase in the cost of living, is becoming an important consideration for many motorists. Here are the headlines from this year’s report.
Jan 10, 2024·6 mins read
How is world traffic being managed with tech? | TomTom Newsroom
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Q&A: What's happening with global traffic, with TomTom's traffic expert

Traffic is a universal challenge. Roads and cities all over the world must constantly manage congestion and traffic to allow vehicles and people to move freely, with ease. While lowering stress might be the first thing most of us worry about in this context, managing traffic is part of the much bigger picture of sustainability, emissions and the livability of our cities and towns. Technology is one of the biggest tools to tackle this challenge, so we spoke to one of TomTom’s traffic experts to find out more.
Jan 03, 2024·8 mins read
A picture of a truck driving alone on a wintry road.
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Driving home Christmas: It’s peak season for truckers on the road

What springs to mind when you think about Christmas delivered, wrapped and under the tree? The North Pole big chief perhaps (if you’re under ten), or what about the mobilized army of truck drivers, all powering through from Black Friday to Christmas Eve? Here we look at a changed retail landscape in 2023, the impact on transportation, and we talk to three HGV drivers – the real heroes of the season – to discover what it’s really like getting Christmas from A to Z.
Dec 07, 2023·4 mins read
A picture of the world in the TomTom Map Pin for TomTom's Viewpoint
Explainers and insights

Viewpoint: Maps are the unsung hero of modern tech

This is the first installment of Viewpoint, a new column that comes to you directly from a TomTom’er, or someone who we think has a viewpoint worth sharing. In this edition, our resident writer-at-large muses on how important maps are in modern tech.
Oct 31, 2023·4 mins read
A person plugging in an electric vehicle to charge
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Charging speed: How long does it take to charge an EV?

Sadly, the answer to that question isn’t simple. It pays to think of charging an EV as something entirely new, don’t compare it to what you would have done with your gasoline vehicle. There are many factors to consider when charging an EV, all of which affect how fast it can charge and how long you’ll spend at a charger.
Oct 02, 2023·6 mins read
Birds eye view shot of delivery cyclist including stats about delivery delay, address and instructions
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Sticking the landing: Why the last 100 meters can make or break last-mile delivery

Endings matter – especially when it comes to last-mile delivery. But did you know that delivery people find the last 100 meters to be the toughest part of the whole process? We explore the reasons why, and what can be done to make the home stretch of the last mile smoother for drivers, businesses and customers.
Sep 21, 2023·4 mins read
Picture of two electric vehicles charging at night time.
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New EU legislation for EV charging is 'the most significant yet'

New rules adopted by the Council of the EU could encourage the most significant changes in the fight to make EV charging on long journeys as easy as filling up a gasoline car.
Jul 26, 2023·2 mins read
Explainers and insights

Lane Departure Warnings and Lane Keep Assistants: How the tech that keeps your car in its lane works

Although drivers should always be aware of their surroundings while driving, split second lapses of concentration do happen. And that’s all it can take for a fatal accident to occur. The good news: there is tech that is trying to keep those in vehicles safe when lapses in concentration occur.
May 25, 2023·5 mins read
Explainers and insights

Q&A: How is TomTom helping fix the pains of the EV industry?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve interviewed TomTom’ers who are working on the future of mapping and location tech. We’ve spoken with the technically minded, the future oriented and the community focused. Most recently, we talked to one of TomTom’s EV experts. It might surprise you to find out that TomTom is so invested in the world of EV, but, as we learned, location data and digital maps are going to play a central role in the transition to cleaner transport.
Apr 05, 2023·4 mins read
Explainers and insights

Open mapping and OSM's sisterhood, according to TomTom's OSM community manager

It’s been a few months since TomTom announced its new Orbis Maps and data ecosystem. Since then, the company has also announced its involvement in the Overture Foundation, an open map data project. The wider open mapping community is an important part of the future of location tech, so in this week’s Q&A we talk to someone working close to the world of open mapping and community-built maps.
Mar 08, 2023·9 mins read
London is the world's slowest city | TomTom Newsroom
Explainers and insights

London is the world's slowest city: A closer look at the data

The TomTom Traffic Index numbers are in. In this edition, London takes the top spot as one of the world’s busiest and most expensive cities for drivers. But it's also the slowest city on the planet.
Feb 15, 2023·5 mins read
Explainers and insights

TomTom Traffic Index headlines: 2022’s traffic insights and the cost-of-driving

Just as the coronavirus pandemic faded into memory, new challenges thrust themselves upon the world. War in Ukraine, a looming recession, market unease and the subsequent cost-of-living crisis. Continued uncertainty is bleeding onto our roads and making it more expensive to refuel our vehicles, deliver goods and move about our cities. TomTom’s Traffic Index, now more detailed than ever, shows us the full story. Here's what we learned.
Feb 14, 2023·11 mins read
Explainers and insights

What does TomTom Traffic Index data tell us about the world's busiest cities?

TomTom’s Traffic Index is giving us more insight than ever into the realities of traffic in the world’s major cities. But there are a couple of questions that everyone wants answers to: which cities are hit worst by traffic? And which city centers experience the busiest rush hours? Thanks to TomTom’s traffic report, we have the answers.
Feb 14, 2023·8 mins read
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