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Developing the developer experience – How TomTom'ers are boosting productivity and innovation

Developers can only go so far with their extensive knowledge and skillset when so much of their time is taken up with low-value, repetitive tasks and infrastructure maintenance. They also need the tools to deliver their best work. While TomTom’ers already have a suite of high-quality applications to help them realize the real-time map, one team's mission is to take this even further. We interviewed a Product Manager in the Internal Developer Experience (IDX) team, Silvia Longo, to find out more…
May 16, 2024·4 mins read
Benoit Joly - SVP Sales TomTom
Life at TomTom

Pitching the future of maps: Benoit Joly proves why it's worth investing in real-time mapmaking

Creating something is only half the journey. Getting that creation into the hands of the customers is the second half. This is where Benoit Joly, Senior Vice President of Automotive Sales, steps in. From his youth, building basic games and trying out new gadgets, to his decorated career in the tech industry, Benoit is very comfortable with innovation. This makes him the perfect ambassador for TomTom’s products. Hear Benoit’s story from a recent interview and how it led him to TomTom today.
Apr 22, 2024·3 mins read
TomTom Sponsorship Program to boost women's careers
Life at TomTom

Lead the way: Sponsoring women to help accelerate their career growth

Every single one of us dreams about what they would like to achieve in their career. But not all of us have the opportunities to take the necessary steps towards those dreams. TomTom wants to present those doorways of opportunity to female TomTom’ers with its new Sponsorship Program.
Mar 27, 2024·6 mins read
Miguel García - VP of Engineering at TomTom
Life at TomTom

Behind the screens of navigation: Miguel García turns engineering ideas into reality

Many of us see technology as the finished products we use every day. Yet through another lens, we see the complex lines of code that are weaving together the future of innovation. Miguel García has always lived at the center of this inner, generative world of new technology – keeping his focus on real-world benefits. He spent over a decade improving tech at Google and Amazon, and is now leading the future of navigation as VP Engineering at TomTom. We sat down with Miguel to hear his story.
Mar 14, 2024·4 mins read
Ana Lira - TomTom - Orbis Maps
Life at TomTom

Enabling collaborative mapmaking: Ana Lira builds the framework for the future of maps

With the buzz of mapmaking innovation on high, TomTom isn’t losing sight of the people behind the tech. In this interview, we share the story of Ana Lira, VP Engineering. Her career is painted with the full colors of passion and curiosity, always determined to build what has never been built before – which is exactly what she’s doing at TomTom.
Feb 28, 2024·4 mins read
Manuela Locarno Ajayi - SVP Product Engineering - TomTom
Life at TomTom

Empowering innovation: Manuela Locarno Ajayi builds apps and services on the world’s most useful map

Find the cutting edge, and you’ll find Manuela Locarno Ajayi. With extensive experience at companies like Microsoft and Amazon, she’s now a leader in TomTom’s mission to build the smartest, most useful map on the planet – creating the apps and services that support users across a variety of industries and use cases around the world. We spoke to Manuela to delve into her journey as a leader in software engineering, her decision to join TomTom and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in her role.
Jan 19, 2024·5 mins read
Life at TomTom

TomTom's Finance Graduate Program: A journey of learning and growth

Are you looking to dive into the world of finance and kick-start your career? TomTom’s Finance Graduate Program is designed to take you on a rich learning journey that’s more than just a job. We talked to three participants – Carlos, Lotta and Valeria – to explore their experiences and shed light on what makes this program stand out.
Dec 22, 2023·3 mins read
Life at TomTom

Designing the automotive revolution with Gianluca Brugnoli

Our digital world is entering the car more and more. For Gianluca Brugnoli, VP of Design at TomTom, that creates both a huge opportunity and challenge. How do you design a complex digital interface that’s not just streamlined and elegant, but also helps people around the world easily adapt to changing technologies?
Dec 15, 2023·3 mins read
How Mike Gilbert is taking the map further at TomTom | TomTom Newsroom
Life at TomTom

How Mike Gilbert is taking the map further at TomTom

Meet Mike: the multi-talented Director of Product Management who’s taking a fresh approach to powering TomTom Maps. As a programmer, a pilot, an author and a speaker with decades of experience leading geospatial projects across Microsoft, Mike is now excited to harness AI and large language models to change the world of mapping.
Nov 22, 2023·4 mins read
TT-Lab_Blog OG 1200x630
Life at TomTom

Taking the lead on innovation: TomTom Lab builds new ideas and connections

Innovation is easier said than done. Yet so many companies are talking about it that the word has been reduced to a meaningless buzzword. It’s hard to tell who’s just saying it and who’s acting on it. So, we looked beyond the term to find out how TomTom’s innovation program, TomTom Lab, is taking action to create an impact.
Nov 15, 2023·4 mins read
Meet Bahram Zonooz: Leading TomTom's AI Journey | TomTom Newsroom
Life at TomTom

Meet Bahram Zonooz: Taking the lead on TomTom’s journey in AI

As a new VP of Engineering and Applied Science at TomTom, Bahram Zonooz is ready to put the map “at the forefront of a new tech revolution.” We sat down with the AI expert to find out more about his journey, what brought him to TomTom and what excites him in the world of mapping.
Oct 27, 2023·4 mins read
Women in Tech: Representation and Inclusion | TomTom Newsroom
Life at TomTom

An inside look at women in tech: Towards greater representation and inclusion

In the world of tech, many companies have been striving to make engineering more gender balanced. Efforts have been strong, yet the numbers are slow to change. Deloitte’s analysis of 20 large tech companies showed signs that a renewed commitment and greater efforts are likely needed for progress to continue post-pandemic. We spoke to an experienced engineer to get her first-hand insights on being a woman in tech.
Oct 20, 2023·4 mins read
Looking at growth and development at TomTom
Life at TomTom

From interns to software engineers: Looking at growth and development at TomTom

A company is more than a place to work. It’s a place to grow and develop, as you continually gain new skills and experience to achieve your personal and professional goals. But what does that look like in practice? How does a company not only have a positive impact on the world, but also on its employees? To find out, we asked three software engineers at TomTom, who started out years ago in the company’s internship program.
Sep 15, 2023·4 mins read
TomTom NEXT_Blog OG 1200x630
Life at TomTom

TomTom NEXT: How a global student hackathon is inspiring future mapmakers

Being a student comes with a lot of responsibilities: a library of books or articles to read, long hours studying for exams and one too many takeouts, probably. It also brings hands-on opportunities that can feed into future careers: internships, work placements and, not to be missed, the student hackathon TomTom NEXT.
Sep 01, 2023·2 mins read
L&D blog_Blog OG 1200x630
Life at TomTom

Learning never stops: TomTom’s growth and development culture

School, college, university – they all stop at some point. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stop sharpening your skills or gaining new ones. This growth mindset is built into life at TomTom. All TomTom’ers are encouraged to figure out where they want to go and take the steps to get there. Like any journey, once you know the destination, all you need is the right guidance and resources to get you there.
Aug 18, 2023·3 mins read
Life at TomTom

Introducing the LGBTQIA+ Committee: How TomTom is empowering inclusive action

Companies around the world are talking more about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). But do they walk their talk, and what does effective action in DEI actually look like? TomTom has taken concrete steps by enabling an employee resource group, called the LGBTQIA+ Committee. The LGBTQIA+ Committee is motivated to make a difference and is given the support it needs to do so. How’s it going so far? We spoke to members of the Committee to find out.
Aug 04, 2023·2 mins read
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