Q&A: Making the documentary that launched TomTom’s new Maps Platform | TomTom Newsroom
Life at TomTom

From maps to movies: Q&A on making the documentary that launched TomTom’s new Maps Platform

TomTom recently announced a big pivot, its next chapter in which the mapmaker is setting itself up to create “the smartest maps on the planet.” Working with partners, customers and communities around the world, TomTom is building a standard base map, designed to foster innovation.   
Nov 15, 2022·10 mins read
Pride: Gen Z Wants to Work Where They Can Be Themselves | TomTom
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Let’s talk about Pride: Gen Z wants to work where they can be themselves

It’s more important than ever to create queer and trans-friendly spaces at work. As Gen Z enters the STEM workforce in growing numbers it’ll grow ever more important to accommodate the evolving nature of how people identify themselves with friends, family and at work.
Jun 30, 2022·4 mins read
Our Fully Virtual Hackathon | TomTom
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'What the Hack' happens when TomTom’s hackathons go fully virtual?

I just finished participating in this year's event – my first hackathon ever – and I am walking away impressed and energized by all the incredible ideas that came out of it.
Feb 14, 2022·3 mins read
Automotive Hall of Fame awards TomTom CEO Harold Goddijn | TomTom
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Automotive Hall of Fame awards TomTom CEO first mobility innovator prize

In July 2021, TomTom co-founder and CEO Harold Goddijn is being recognized by the Automotive Hall of Fame with the inaugural Mobility Innovator Award, putting him alongside names such as Mario Andretti, Walter Bentley, Karl Benz and Enzo Ferrari.
Jul 23, 2021·8 mins read
UX Prototyping in 4 dimensions
Life at TomTom

UX Prototyping in 4 dimensions

How corona made me add two dimensions to conventional 2D design
Jul 07, 2021·4 mins read
Why the Navigation Data Standard Unit Excites Java Engineers | TomTom blog
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Driving change for our maps – Why the Navigation Data Standard Unit excites Java engineers

Things that were originally left to science-fiction writers are now becoming a reality: ADAS, autonomous driving, interconnected devices, and more. But all these revolutionary technologies require a framework to manage them. This is where the Navigation Data Standard (NDS) comes in, and what our NDS Product Unit (PU NDS) specializes in.
Apr 01, 2021·5 mins read
How Java Engineers Shape the Future of Mobility Within the Maps Unit | TomTom blog
Life at TomTom

Creating our maps – How Java engineers shape the future of mobility within the Maps Unit

When taking any journey, we can all agree that we want the destination to be worthwhile. Our maps help us direct drivers, businesses and policymakers on their journey towards a worthy goal for everyone – a safer, cleaner, congestion-free world.
Apr 01, 2021·4 mins read
TomTom’s Mapmaking Platform Unit, Lots of Opportunity to Grow as a Java Engineer | TomTom Blog
Life at TomTom

TomTom’s Mapmaking Platform Unit – Lots of data, lots of opportunity to grow as a Java engineer

As Java engineers, data is our fast food – there’s lots of it around, and we consume lots of it as we process line after line of code. But we also know that so much more is asked of us, in terms of decision-making, speed and efficiency, etc. How does TomTom manage these factors, while building the best possible product? Our Content Production Platform Product Unit (PU CPP) is our answer.
Apr 01, 2021·4 mins read
Women In Tech Need Other Women In Tech | TomTom Blog
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Women in tech need other women in tech

Women empowering other women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematic fields starts early – a personal recount.
Mar 08, 2021·8 mins read
Why remote work is important for us | TomTom Blog
Life at TomTom

What your 2021 commute could mean for the environment, as told by TomTom Traffic Index data

In 2020, traffic levels underwent significant change. From this, we can ask ourselves a question – how could this change inform our decision-making in 2021? We can find the answer to that by first looking at the data. Enter our Traffic Index.
Jan 26, 2021·4 mins read
Top 10% tech companies Glint benchmark | TomTom Blog
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TomTom makes it into Glint’s top 10% of tech companies globally

Over the course of the year, we’ve gained an even better understanding of the significance of feedback loops. Ever since we refashioned our homes into workspaces, virtual communication has become more important than ever. We’ve worked hard to stay connected and to react quickly to TomTom’ers’ requests, suggestions and pain points.
Dec 03, 2020·3 mins read
Prioritizing a great workplace in 2020 | TomTom Blog
Life at TomTom

Prioritizing a great workplace in 2020

The year 2020 has led us all to reexamine how people stay connected and work effectively. When a global event impacts a global workforce, provisions need to be made on the part of organizations and the people who staff them. We’re given an opportunity to look inward and prioritize what really matters.
Nov 05, 2020·4 mins read
The TomTom Lab – A Bottom-up Approach to Product Innovation | TomTom Blog
Life at TomTom

The TomTom Lab: a bottom-up approach to product innovation

There is an effective way to taking a bottom-up approach to product innovation. For us, that’s the TomTom Lab.
Dec 12, 2019·6 mins read
What is a TomTom Hackathon? | TomTom Blog
Life at TomTom

What the Hack: the TomTom Hackathon

To stimulate innovation, hackathons are an excellent way for technology companies to take a bottom-up approach to reach new technological breakthroughs.
Nov 19, 2019·5 mins read
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