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How four TomTom’ers used maps to provide aid after the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria

The news of the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria shocked everyone. It devastated both families and cities. Due to its scale, it’s still taking huge efforts from both countries to recover and rebuild. Though soon after it happened, one group of TomTom’ers saw an opportunity to use their skills to help those in need. I spoke to them about how they used OpenStreetMap to give search and rescue teams visual guidance within impacted areas.
May 31, 2023·3 mins read
Life at TomTom

More than just work experience – How TomTom supports its interns

Internships can make a big difference in helping students figure out the direction they want to go in their careers. They can also provide invaluable experience in a working environment. However, internships don’t last forever. How do you make sure interns get the most value out of this short period?
May 16, 2023·3 mins read
Life at TomTom

How to boost your impact: Understanding TomTom’s five leadership principles

Big ambitions call for clear actions. But making the right decision is easier said than done. Where do you start? How do you develop an idea? What’s the best way of collaborating to reach shared goals and grow together along the way? TomTom has defined basic principles of leadership that everyone can follow to answer these questions, helping TomTom’ers make a greater impact in work and life.
Apr 11, 2023·3 mins read
Life at TomTom

The now of work: How TomTom is giving TomTom'ers what they need today

It’s easy to get nostalgic about the past or look ahead to the future. But then there’s the present. While TomTom has a keen eye on building the future of mapmaking, it is also providing TomTom’ers with the tools and environment they need now to make their future (and TomTom’s) a reality. I spoke to Arne-Christian van der Tang, Chief Human Resources Officer at TomTom, to learn more about how the location tech company is doing this by focusing on flexibility, impact and leadership for all TomTom’ers.
Mar 28, 2023·6 mins read
Life at TomTom

How TomTom is redesigning its workspaces to suit everyone’s needs

Who doesn’t love a home makeover? The behind-the-scenes look at the construction. The build-up to the unveiling. The big reveal and the joy of getting to enjoy the new home. The same is happening at TomTom right now. The company is redesigning its offices. Some have been completed. Others are still on the way. But the excitement is the same. TomTom’ers are ready for a refreshed workspace that supports them on their quest to engineer the first real-time map.
Mar 07, 2023·4 mins read
Life at TomTom

Why hackathons matter, according to a winning team

TomTom Lab, TomTom’s innovation program, recently ended its eighth version of What the Hack, the hackathon that brings all TomTom’ers together to watch or participate. Nostalgia for the event is already kicking in and we’re excited for the next edition. TomTom’ers consistently mention it as a highlight of the year. There’s something special about it – the way it brings people together, combines unique skillsets and produces fascinating results...
Feb 24, 2023·5 mins read
Life at TomTom

Leading through behavior: How TomTom’ers take the lead in their everyday role

Leadership is important at TomTom. It’s integral to achieving success. But what does that leadership look like? And how do TomTom’ers apply it in their everyday work?
Feb 08, 2023·5 mins read
Work flexibility – everyone wants it and everyone needs it | TomTom Newsroom
Life at TomTom

Work flexibility – everyone wants it and everyone needs it

The way we all work has changed. Gone are the nine-to-five days. Hybrid working models are far more common than ever.
Jan 25, 2023·4 mins read
Life at TomTom

TomTom's Leadership Foundation: Encouraging leadership at every level

Everyone has an idea of what a leader is. Someone with certain characteristics; maybe even in a certain position. It seems easy to identify them at work, on TV, in films, books and sport – your manager, your Ned Starks, your Dumbledores, your sports captains, like Lionel Messi. The characteristics that make someone a leader usually appear obvious. However, TomTom views leadership as something much broader.
Jan 12, 2023·4 mins read
Q&A: Making the documentary that launched TomTom’s new Maps Platform | TomTom Newsroom
Life at TomTom

From maps to movies: Q&A on making the documentary that launched TomTom’s new Maps Platform

TomTom recently announced a big pivot, its next chapter in which the mapmaker is setting itself up to create “the smartest maps on the planet.” Working with partners, customers and communities around the world, TomTom is building a standard base map, designed to foster innovation.   
Nov 15, 2022·10 mins read
Pride: Gen Z Wants to Work Where They Can Be Themselves | TomTom
Life at TomTom

Let’s talk about Pride: Gen Z wants to work where they can be themselves

It’s more important than ever to create queer and trans-friendly spaces at work. As Gen Z enters the STEM workforce in growing numbers it’ll grow ever more important to accommodate the evolving nature of how people identify themselves with friends, family and at work.
Jun 30, 2022·4 mins read
Our Fully Virtual Hackathon | TomTom
Life at TomTom

'What the Hack' happens when TomTom’s hackathons go fully virtual?

I just finished participating in this year's event – my first hackathon ever – and I am walking away impressed and energized by all the incredible ideas that came out of it.
Feb 14, 2022·3 mins read
Automotive Hall of Fame awards TomTom CEO Harold Goddijn | TomTom
Life at TomTom

Automotive Hall of Fame awards TomTom CEO first mobility innovator prize

In July 2021, TomTom co-founder and CEO Harold Goddijn is being recognized by the Automotive Hall of Fame with the inaugural Mobility Innovator Award, putting him alongside names such as Mario Andretti, Walter Bentley, Karl Benz and Enzo Ferrari.
Jul 23, 2021·8 mins read
UX Prototyping in 4 dimensions
Life at TomTom

UX Prototyping in 4 dimensions

How corona made me add two dimensions to conventional 2D design
Jul 07, 2021·4 mins read
Why the Navigation Data Standard Unit Excites Java Engineers | TomTom blog
Life at TomTom

Driving change for our maps – Why the Navigation Data Standard Unit excites Java engineers

Things that were originally left to science-fiction writers are now becoming a reality: ADAS, autonomous driving, interconnected devices, and more. But all these revolutionary technologies require a framework to manage them. This is where the Navigation Data Standard (NDS) comes in, and what our NDS Product Unit (PU NDS) specializes in.
Apr 01, 2021·5 mins read
How Java Engineers Shape the Future of Mobility Within the Maps Unit | TomTom blog
Life at TomTom

Creating our maps – How Java engineers shape the future of mobility within the Maps Unit

When taking any journey, we can all agree that we want the destination to be worthwhile. Our maps help us direct drivers, businesses and policymakers on their journey towards a worthy goal for everyone – a safer, cleaner, congestion-free world.
Apr 01, 2021·4 mins read
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