Data privacy

Privacy, without hidden tricks

Not all privacy is created equal. At TomTom, we design our products to protect your personal data at all costs, not use it for profit. We do it because it’s the right thing to do, and it helps us give you greater peace of mind on the road.

Privacy-first, since the first day

TomTom was GDPR compliant long before GDPR existed. As an independent company powered by data, we’re committed to creating great products and a better future – without compromising your personal data.
Protecting your identity
We use aggregated location data, protecting your personal info
We never sell your data
Your data is used to improve our tech, and nothing else
Control is yours
Your data, your choice
No ads
There to guide you, not to sell you things or distract you on the road
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How do we handle data?

Responsibly. We go beyond the mere legal and compliance issues to ensure your identity is protected. This way you can feel good about using TomTom products, and we can feel good about using data.

The virtuous circle of community data

Whenever you share real-time location data with us, you contribute to a continuous feedback loop that we use to improve our technologies. By contributing to our growing community, you therefore help everyone drive safer and more comfortably. You also get the best experience: Accurate maps, up-to-date traffic information and hazard warnings, and new map features.

Safeguarding your identity

TomTom ensures that your identity is protected through a two-step randomization process. First, we connect location data from every individual trip or session to a unique random ID. Then to prevent easy back-linking, we create a second random ID.

Personalized experience, protected privacy

In some TomTom products, you can let us monitor your driving and app behavior over time so that we can create a better and more personalized experience for you. In this case, your privacy is protected with the same rigor of all TomTom security measures.

Managing privacy around the clock

We apply ongoing data privacy management throughout our product development and maintenance cycle. This means that, for example, we know which data we collect from which sources, have insights into data flows, use tools to stay in control and assess privacy impacts.

You use our products – they don’t use you

Unlike many free products and services, you don’t pay with your privacy with TomTom. That means we’re not using you to make money other ways. You are not the product. And when we design and engineer our products and services, privacy and properly dealing with data is a priority we consider right from the start and throughout engineering and operations.
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See what we’re doing with data and without your personal info

TomTom Traffic Index

TomTom Traffic Index

We use data to calculate congestion levels in cities around the world, providing accurate real-time and historical traffic information.
Mapping the world, for the world

Mapping the world, for the world

We are mapping and re-mapping the world every day, using data to ensure our customers’ maps always reflect the reality on the road.
Accelerating safe automated driving

Accelerating safe automated driving

We use vehicle sensor data to continuously update our highly detailed maps for self-driving vehicles, helping us increase safety and comfort in automated vehicles around the world.
APIs and SDKs to build better

APIs and SDKs to build better

Thanks to the quality of our global data, developers worldwide choose TomTom to build all kinds of location-enabled products.

TomTom is the safe choice, trusted on the road and online by our customers and partners

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