Data privacy

Privacy, without hidden tricks

Not all privacy is created equal. At TomTom, we design our products to protect your personal data at all costs, not use it for profit. We do it because it’s the right thing to do, and it helps us give you greater peace of mind on the road.

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Privacy-first, since the first day

TomTom was GDPR compliant long before GDPR existed. As an independent company powered by data, we’re committed to creating great products and a better future – without compromising your personal data.

Protecting your identity

We use aggregated location data, protecting your personal info

We never sell your data

Your data is used to improve our tech, and nothing else

Control is yours

Your data, your choice

No ads

There to guide you, not to sell you things or distract you on the road

How do we handle data?

Responsibly. We go beyond the mere legal and compliance issues to ensure your identity is protected. This way you can feel good about using TomTom products, and we can feel good about using data.

See what we’re doing with data and without your personal info

TomTom is the safe choice, trusted on the road and online by our customers and partners

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