Our story

It started with a simple idea: Make digital navigation accessible for everyone.

Four like-minded entrepreneurs founded TomTom in 1991, and by 2004 their dream of portable navigation was a reality for millions of drivers around the world. The first TomTom sat nav became one of the fastest selling consumer technology devices in history, making our name synonymous with navigation.

Today, TomTom is the leading independent geolocation technology specialist. Our decades of driver insights go into everything we do – maps for automated driving, navigation software for top car brands, maps APIs for leading tech companies and traffic data for all.

Our technologies are a vehicle for us to take on bigger challenges. Rather than accept road accidents, emissions and traffic congestion as facts of life, we are actively working to solve these issues that affect us all.

Together with our customers and partners, we’re shaping the future of mobility and creating a world that moves better together.



TomTom launches TomTom IndiGO – an open, modular software platform to transform the future of digital cockpits


TomTom begins Map Editing Partnerships with Uber, among others


TomTom’s first autonomous vehicle is launched to test and improve automated driving technologies


TomTom introduces a complete set of maps APIs for developers


TomTom launches High Definition Maps for automated driving


TomTom’s innovative Transactional Map Making platform is created, enabling real-time map-making at scale


TomTom introduces the world’s first sub-€500 embedded navigation solution with Renault


TomTom acquires TeleAtlas, entering the mapping market


TomTom enters the automotive market


TomTom pioneers the use of real-time traffic service based on mobile network triangulation and GPS trace data


TomTom is the first to use historic travel times as a basis for route calculation, vastly improving accuracy and estimated travel times


TomTom enters the fleet management market – goes on to build Europe’s largest fleet platform


TomTom GO - the world’s first all-in-one satnav device – is launched, changing driving forever


TomTom introduces the world’s first street-level maps application for Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)


Invention of the world’s first route-planning software for mobile devices


Palmtop Software is founded in Amsterdam, becoming TomTom in 2003