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Precisely and TomTom

Unleashing the power of location for businesses, from insurance to retail.

Location is everything, especially when a business needs to make critical decisions, like deciding where to open a new store or determining a property’s insurance risk.

Every day, companies make choices that revolve around location. Insurance companies need to pinpoint the location of their insured properties to properly assess risk. Retailers use location insights to know where their target customers are, so they can choose the best spot for their next franchise or advertising campaign.

To ensure they’re making the best-informed decisions, these businesses need data that’s accurate, consistent and delivered in context. That’s why thousands of them turn to Precisely – the global leader in data integrity. Precisely provides 12,000 customers in more than 100 countries with data integration, data quality, location intelligence and data enrichment products. And for over 20 years, it’s trusted TomTom to deliver the location data that powers many of these solutions.

Precise pricing and sharper marketing strategies

Precisely harnesses TomTom’s industry-leading map and traffic information to enrich its data solutions with all-important location context. In turn, Precisely’s customers use these insights to help reduce fraud, better manage risk and fine-tune marketing activities.

Precise location data allows insurers, for example, to improve underwriting effectiveness. By understanding an asset’s proximity to different kinds of hazards – such as whether a property is located on a flood plain – underwriters can price policies more accurately and reduce losses.

To help its customers pinpoint locations correctly, Precisely leverages rooftop geocoding. This involves combining data from multiple sources, such as census and navigational data, and using location algorithms to determine the exact latitude and longitude of a street address on a map. Locating buildings this way eliminates inaccuracies that could find their way into risk calculations, enabling insurers to price policies with confidence.

Similarly, Precisely’s data enrichment solutions offer customers valuable contextual information, such as demographics, boundaries and points of interest, to drive deeper analysis. Location intelligence like this could reveal, for example, that a highway connecting a retailer’s store and a customer’s home, recently closed, making it less convenient for them to shop at that location. Armed with such insight, the retailer could reach out to the customer with a personalized offer for free delivery or a coupon for another location more accessible to them.

On the fast track to business success

By partnering with TomTom, Precisely gains access to a trusted source of global data, with detailed content that is regularly updated and provided in a consistent format. This makes it possible for the company to deliver reliable location insights that its customers demand.

And with Precisely’s solutions, powered by TomTom data, companies can make more confident choices, based on reliable, real-world information. Quality data unlocks a deeper understanding of customers, properties, operations and competitive landscapes – helping companies expand into new markets, improve the customer experience, lift revenues and build lasting business success.

I’ve worked with TomTom data for 20 years. I’ve seen the content and coverage grow, and with it the possibilities for Precisely to innovate our products.

Dan Adams

Senior Vice President, Data & Operations, Precisely

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