TomTom is committed to conducting business responsibly, while aiming to generate the most impact for all our stakeholders as we create a safer, cleaner, congestion-free world. Our corporate governance structure supports and contributes to fulfilling this commitment.

Our core pillars of governance

Long-term value creation

Through our growth strategy and core technologies, we aim to create impact for all our stakeholders: our people, customers, investors, society and the environment. To do so, we allocate capital to the businesses we think offer the best prospects for growth and returns; our product offerings are aimed at reducing environmental impact and improving road safety; our business practices reduce our own environmental impact where we can; and we contribute to society through investments in local communities.


Our everyday actions to better the world are deep-rooted in our company values, ethos and ambition. Our people and culture are fundamental for our success, creating our innovative technologies that are shaping tomorrow’s mobility. To support them, we foster an open culture of continuous development as we help people and the world move into a better future. Innovation is not only in our technology; it is part of who we are, both as individuals and a global collective of more than 3,800+ people across 30+ offices.

Ethical business practices

Our ethical business practices reflect our commitment to transparency and accountability, allowing us to build a relationship of trust with our stakeholders. As a data-driven company, these practices include an unwavering commitment to personal data privacy and a high degree of transparency across our actions. We continuously engage with stakeholders and maintain an open dialogue with investors and analysts, supported by an extensive communication program. Related events are reported and regularly updated on our Investor Relations website.

TomTom NV is a public limited liability company incorporated under Dutch law and listed on Euronext Amsterdam in the Netherlands. We have a two-tier board structure, consisting of a Management Board and a Supervisory Board, accountable to the General Meeting for the performance of their duties.

Our corporate governance structure is based on the company’s Articles of Association, the requirements of the Dutch Civil Code, the 2016 Dutch Corporate Governance Code (the Code), applicable securities laws, and the rules and regulations of Euronext Amsterdam.

TomTom supports the principles of the Code and complies with almost all best practices provisions. You will find our deviations from the Code explained in our Annual Report 2022.

We are upholding ethical business practices based on our company values, which are implemented in our Code of Conduct, policies and procedures, and overall way of working. Our comprehensive risk management and internal control framework maintains an integrated management control of TomTom’s operations in order to ensure the integrity of our financial reporting, as well as compliance with laws and regulations.

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