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Electrification solutions


Take your electric vehicles (EVs) to the mass market with TomTom. Decades of serving carmakers and drivers with the best navigation solutions has shaped our unique understanding of the EV industry’s challenges and helped us develop electrification solutions built to scale. With these, you can create a seamless EV road trip experience for drivers — from planning routes to reaching their destinations. 

Electrification solutions
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Precise range calculation  

Give drivers real-time updates of their EV's energy consumption during trips using our Routing API. We calculate range with >98% accuracy by combining energy consumption with terrain characteristics from our maps and traffic conditions. 

Electrification Chargin Station

Accurate charging station info

Help drivers find the one EV charger that fits their needs from 1.2 million EV connectors in over 100 countries. With our EV Search, you can highlight chargers preferable or exclusive to your brand. Updated every 24 hours, our database closely mirrors the real-world EV charging network.

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Live updates

Be in control of your EV journey with real-time availability for 95% of connected public charging stations worldwide.

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Long-distance trip planning

Plan long journeys through our EV Routing service, which automatically adds the best charging stops. Routes can be planned inside the vehicle or outside using an OEM companion app.


Our electrification solutions

Build your own EV route planner

80% of drivers swear by companion apps that help them pre-plan EV routes. With our Long-Distance Routing API, you can build apps that plan routes extending beyond a single charge and optimize compatible charging stops along the way.

Electrification solutions

Stay informed during your journey 

Give drivers confidence by sharing crucial updates along the way. Our EV solutions monitor battery status and adjusts the route with optimized charging stops, including nearby amenities. The routes we suggest are based on charging speed and availability, helping drivers get to their destination on time. 

Electrification solutions

Build with tech designed for your business needs 

We empower carmakers to create driving experiences that cover the full EV driver journey, both outside and inside the vehicle, with electrification solutions that work seamlessly with TomTom’s navigation stack.  

Our EV Solutions can also be deployed as an independent service for end-user devices or intermediate cloud endpoints. Developers rely on our EV APIs to build solutions for EV fleet drivers.  

Electrification solutions


Build with TomTom location tech

How leading customers build with TomTom location tech

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