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Jeep® Avenger

Connected navigation to put EV drivers at ease

In a world of electric vehicles, every EV maker lays claim to a car that can make worries about range and charging a thing of the past. How can they ensure they deliver on that promise? The answer lies in equipping the car with a reliable navigation system.

The first 100% electric Jeep® Model, now winner of the 2023 European Car of the Year, comes with TomTom's full-stack navigation. With this intuitive solution that responds to drivers’ needs and commands as they drive, TomTom continues its enduring partnership with Stellantis.

The brand-new Jeep® Avenger is the first Stellantis model to boast of a seamless cross-platform experience enabled by TomTom and also the first Jeep® brand vehicle to win the prestigious car of the year award. This unique solution was achieved by bringing both PSA and FCA legacy systems together into a unified platform accessible to drivers via the myJeep companion app.

Keeping drivers in the know with connected services

The Jeep® Avenger leaves no room for uncertainty as drivers know how far they can drive and what charging solutions are available to them, even before starting the journey. When driving, they can find available chargers that are compatible with their car in real time and make informed decisions about when and where to charge. Over-the-air map updates ensure this information is always up to date, promising drivers the safest, smoothest navigation experience possible.

Drivers also get access to plenty of other essential information, from real-time traffic, speed cam alerts and fuel prices to nearby parking availability, both on street and off street. What’s more, drivers can avail these services simply using their voice.

Backed by the joint vision and expertise of Stellantis and TomTom, the Jeep® Avenger sets a new standard for stress-free electric driving.

We wanted to create an EV experience that would enable drivers in the new Jeep® Avenger to seamlessly navigate from one adventure to the next and, through our collaboration with Stellantis, we've done just that.

Antoine Saucier

Managing Director, TomTom Automotive

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