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Bridgestone Mobility Solutions and TomTom

Helping businesses manage fleets and accelerate electrification with ease.

The transition to electric vehicles (EVs) can be expensive and time consuming for fleet managers. How can this process be made easier, so that businesses can electrify their fleets and optimize them faster?

Bridgestone Mobility Solutions is a business unit of Bridgestone, focused on advancing a sustainable future using data-driven mobility. By serving Bridgestone's entire digital mobility solutions' portfolio, including their leading fleet management solution Webfleet, it offers businesses data-driven solutions that maximize fleet efficiency. Webfleet uses the full stack of TomTom location tech — map, traffic and navigation software — to help fleet managers and professional drivers across the globe find their way.

Now, Bridgestone Mobility Solutions is also partnering with TomTom to help fleets successfully transition to electric vehicles — helping make mobility more sustainable and cities cleaner.

Helping fleets navigate electrification

The transition to EVs, although a growing demand, is a major challenge for fleet managers. It not only requires significant capital outlays and infrastructure investment from businesses, but also calls for major changes in vehicle distribution, route planning and scheduling, if newly electrified fleets are to be managed efficiently.

With its expertise in increasing fleet productivity and sustainability, Bridgestone Mobility Solutions' integrated fleet management solution allows businesses to manage all their vehicles on a single platform. Bridgestone’s fleet management software Webfleet leverages TomTom’s best-in-class navigation, maps and live traffic data to help fleets stay on track. By incorporating TomTom's latest EV data and routing products into its solutions portfolio for Electric Vehicles, Webfleet can now help fleets make this transition confidently.

TomTom’s EV Routing APIs allows Webfleet to plan custom routes for fleets based on specific vehicle profiles. With extensive data on charging points, routes can be planned to include depot charging stations as and when needed. TomTom’s EV products take into account highly specific details such as electric vehicle type, road network, terrain characteristics and traffic to calculate efficient routes and reachable range for electric fleets.

A one-stop shop for successful fleet electrification

Together, Bridgestone Mobility Solutions and TomTom offer a platform that allows fleets to transition to EVs smoothly and unlock their complete potential — by optimizing deliveries, increasing driver safety and decreasing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. All this and more can be achieved using a single integrated solution that combines the expertise of both companies.

By continuing its partnership with TomTom, Webfleet is set to help businesses navigate the challenges that come with electrification, as well as empowering electrified fleets for optimum efficiency.

At Bridgestone Mobility Solutions, we work to support the electrification of fleets globally. Through this collaboration with TomTom, we help accelerate fleet electrification while utilizing industry-leading traffic data, maps, and navigation to better optimize fleet deliveries, improve driving behavior and range, and increase overall fleet productivity. We look forward to unlocking the full potential of e-mobility for a successful clean energy transition.

Paul Verheijen
Vice President of Product Strategy & Partnerships, Bridgestone Mobility Solutions 


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