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Traffic and travel information

The more drivers know – the safer, less stressful, more predictable the trip. We help carmakers and enterprises meet drivers’ expectations that traffic and travel information is always accurate and up to date.

One of every five cars on the road relies on our connected services. Unmatched by any navigation app, our traffic and travel information provide drivers around the world with real-time information and precise estimated times of arrival (ETAs).

Helping drivers get where they're going safely and comfortably

Accurate information, safer driving

We are trusted by the world’s top companies, including Nissan, Verizon, Mercedes-Benz and Uber. With traffic and hazard prediction, better routes and reliable ETAs, we keep drivers informed and help them get where they’re going without worry.

Bring drivers the road ahead

Our traffic and travel information – including real-time traffic, speed cameras, hazard warnings, fuel and weather services and analytics – give drivers more time to anticipate what’s coming and adjust accordingly.

We own the road

Thanks to the largest probe network in the automotive industry, we combine information from 600+ million connected devices and third-party sources with unmatched expertise. All this data powers our market-leading traffic and travel information.


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