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Speed Profiles

We have been compiling historical speed patterns on individual road segments for over a decade. This tells us with certainty how fast people have driven on specific road stretches every day and time of the week, allowing us to anticipate how fast they will drive. Thanks to this information – unmatched in the industry – we’re able to formulate precise and predictive arrival times.

TomTom Speed Profiles enables the best route calculations based on unique speed patterns per individual road segments, helping drivers and fleet managers better plan ahead. These profiles are easily integrated into on-board and online routing algorithms for navigation and geospatial applications as well as built-in vehicle navigation.

Features and benefits

Measure typical speed values

We measure typical speed values in five-minute intervals across time of day and day of week, on every road segment and for every direction of traffic. Delays and free flow are incorporated in the travel time, allowing for the most accurate estimated times of arrival (ETAs).

Largest network for increased accuracy

We provide actual speed data for fastest route and precise ETA calculations from billions of anonymous GPS traces received daily.

Comprehensive coverage

TomTom Speed Profiles provides coverage of highways and secondary roads in more than 80 countries, using inputs from 600+ million connected devices worldwide. You can easily and quickly deploy the product to multiple markets.

Multiple formats

TomTom Speed Profiles comes in three different formats for ease of integration for any use case. Choose compact data optimized for a small footprint, a full dataset for an online environment or as a map-agnostic, OpenLR-based full version. TomTom Speed Profiles can be integrated into our TomTom Map Multinet and Multinet-R, and is also available for the Navigation Data Standard (NDS).

Speed Profiles product sheet
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