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When sunny skies unexpectedly give way to heavy rain, it can make driving stressful and dangerous. TomTom Weather Services lets you give drivers a heads-up about weather conditions along their route – with live alerts and accurate forecasts for the hours and days ahead – so they can plan accordingly and stay safer on the road.

We source our weather information from leading digital weather providers to deliver timely alerts and reliable forecasts in locations all over the world. Trusted by global carmakers such as Stellantis, TomTom Weather Services is fully integrated with our navigation stack for easy deployment. It includes daily and hourly forecasted weather summaries, as well as advanced weather information, so you can inform drivers about upcoming weather and alert them to severe weather events well ahead of time.


Accurate forecasts for safer journeys

TomTom Weather Services lets your users understand weather conditions at the starting and ending points of their route, and along the way – a few hours ahead or days in advance.

Weather around the world

Keep your users informed about weather in their area. We provide hourly and daily weather forecasts in more than 140 countries, and advanced weather information in more than 20 countries.

Timely predictions

TomTom Weather Services includes daily weather predictions for up to 13 days in advance and hourly forecasts for up to 23 hours in the future – allowing drivers to pre-plan for hours, days and weeks ahead.

Advanced weather alerts

Help drivers steer clear of potentially dangerous weather. Advanced weather includes a precipitation radar and alerts for severe weather on the road ahead, such as sleet, fog, snowfall, heavy rain, slippery conditions and more.

Advanced Weather API

Deliver real-time weather information to drivers with the Advanced Weather API. Visualize precipitation (rain, snow and mixed) on a map, provide alerts for severe weather ahead and calculate accurate ETAs that consider the impact of weather on average driving speed.

Tabular Weather API

Keep drivers informed about the weather on their route and at their destination. The Tabular Weather API lets you display current and predicted weather conditions on your map view, including hourly forecasts and advanced predictions for days ahead.

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