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EV Service

Reduce range anxiety for electric vehicle (EV) drivers with complete and accurate charging station information, including real-time availability. The TomTom EV Service makes it easy for drivers to find compatible, available charging points – saving time and stress.

We’ve got charging covered

Although EV adoption is picking up speed, the charging infrastructure still needs to catch up. Charge point operators (CPOs) are building new charging parks left and right, but who ensures that EV drivers have a complete overview and know which ones have a spot available?

TomTom works with providers large and small to deliver the definitive real-time view of EV charging points globally – simplifying life for OEMs and developers, and helping drivers hit the road with confidence.

Features and benefits

Comprehensive global coverage

More than 1.2 million charge points mapped across 90 countries, out of which 800,000 providing real-time data — that's what it takes to offer one of the most complete EV charging point databases in the world. With a growing catalog of EV charge points, we make it easy for drivers to find a charging location that fits their needs.

Real-time charging station availability

TomTom integrates live information from CPOs with our road network data to provide up-to-the-minute insight into compatible, available charging stations, so drivers can see if charging points are free or in use before they head to a location.

All the details drivers need

TomTom helps drivers plan routes that factor in battery status and compatible charging points along the way. They can then send these routes to their in-dash navigation system. Drivers also see charging point reviews and info on nearby shops, restrooms and more.

Flexible integration options

The TomTom EV Service comes fully integrated with TomTom Navigation for Automotive, as well as TomTom’s Search API and mapping solutions. You can also deploy it as an independent service for end-user devices or intermediate cloud endpoints.

Maximize charging efficiency with in-dash integration

With charging station data integrated with in-dash navigation, the EV’s navigation system can indicate to the vehicle when there is a fast-charging stop planned on the route. This enables the vehicle to prepare its battery for charging before arrival at a station, allowing for faster charging.


Minimize range anxiety and drive EV adoption

Discover how TomTom’s EV portfolio can help you deliver a connected, carefree experience that gets drivers on board with electric vehicles. Together, we're driving the EV revolution.

Use case

Plan the best routes for EV drivers and fleets

Help EV drivers reach their destinations on time. Add rich information on EV charging stations to your app. Optimize EV fleet operations with accurate routing. Whatever your goal, TomTom's EV route planning capabilities can help you get there.

EV Service API

Provide EV drivers with all the information they need on EV charging parks, stations and points in one convenient map view. With the EV Service API, you can show the location and relevant details for nearby charging stations, and let users filter them based on charging point availability, supported plug types, accepted payment methods and more.

EV Charging Stations Availability API

The Charging Stations Availability API lets you inform drivers about the availability of EV charging points in real time. Data is updated regularly – typically within minutes – to give drivers a trusted, current view of compatible, available charging points nearby.

EV Service product sheet
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White paper: Supporting the electric mobility revolution: technologies to address range anxiety
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