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TomTom On-Street and Off-Street Parking Services take the stress out of parking by showing available spots along drivers’ routes and at their destinations.
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Keeps traffic moving, reducing travel times and emissions

Parking is one of driving’s biggest stresses. With TomTom Parking data Services, drivers can plan trips based on parking availability, knowing when to avoid on-street parking and aim for off-street parking options. Drivers are also able to find and compare parking options in garages and parking lots. For on-street parking, our optimized routes direct drivers to streets where spots are expected to be available.

All of this keeps traffic moving and reduces door-to-door travel times, making parking a predictable part of the travel plan.

Features and benefits

Reliable and accurate off-street parking information

We work directly with parking and lot operators, conduct regular site visits, and gather and verify feedback from users to update our off-street parking information daily. Additionally, we use automated toolsets to detect changes to parking websites.
Off-street parking information

Real-time parking availability

We show drivers in real-time how many spots are available across various garages near their destinations. We also provide information about opening hours, pricing, payment methods, services (car wash, CCTV, toilet), vehicle size restrictions and usage type.
Real-time parking availability

Payment and reservation

Our Parking Services give drivers the ability to pay for and reserve a parking location, using a variety of payment methods, including: credit cards, debit and pre-paid cards, and cash.
Parking payment methods

On-street parking

Available in 114 countries, TomTom On-Street Parking services delivers a consistent and widespread overview across entire street networks.
On-street parking

Parking probability

Parking profiles analyze previous parking usage and behaviors to show the likelihood of finding on-street parking spots for every day of the week, any time of the day, taking parking restrictions and pricing into account in select cities.
Parking probability
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