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Road analytics

TomTom road analytics products are your gateway to 10+ years of historical road data and live traffic analytics. Available via TomTom’s MOVE or API, our suite of solutions offers transportation planners, road authorities, businesses and drivers the insights needed to make smarter decisions, reduce congestion and improve mobility.

Whether your goal is to identify mobility problems, evaluate investments or set policy, our traffic insights will get you there. TomTom road analytics solutions give you access to detailed, high-quality GPS data – delivered through intuitive tools and dataset outputs – helping you understand, anticipate and respond to real road conditions.

Road data and analytics that work for you

Improve traffic management

Our insights into traffic and travel patterns enable road authorities, highway agencies and traffic management centers to create smarter mobility solutions that reduce congestion and emissions.

Reach customers where they are

Opening a new franchise or planning an outdoor ad campaign? Use our historical and real-time data to reveal new insights into how customers move, and more effectively target your expansion and outreach efforts.

Power up forecasting and planning

Unlock new insights into ever-evolving market demand and consumer behavior. With real-time traffic info, you can forecast future fuel demand and prices, assess investment risk, predict customer needs and more.<

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