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Road analytics

Helping transportation planners, road authorities, businesses and drivers better manage and predict congestion, TomTom’s suite of traffic analytics delivers insights into live and historical road data to improve traffic management and mobility.
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Traffic causes physical, emotional and financial stress. Time lost to bottlenecks costs billions each year, exposure to fumes contributes to breathing problems, and the frustration of going nowhere leads to issues at home and work.

TomTom’s real-time traffic analytics – together with our historical road data - improves urban planning, road network management and increases safety, enabling corrective measures that influence drivers’ behavior, lower congestion levels and reduce emissions. 

Our traffic data is unparalleled – so’s our market share

Improve traffic management with reliable traffic info

Improve traffic management with reliable traffic info

With the industry’s largest historical and live traffic database, you can see traffic patterns over the last 10+ years – and in real time – to anticipate and respond to road network conditions. If it’s happened, is happening, or going to happen on the road, you’ll know about it with TomTom.

Traffic never sleeps - neither do we

To keep up with the road, TomTom’s traffic analytic services are created by merging multiple data sources, including: anonymous measurements from GPS navigation devices, smartphones, commercial fleets and sensor data from governments.


billion kilometers of traffic data
amount of anonymized data we collected last year


billion daily location measurements


using TomTom road traffic analytics


single database
that fuses community input source data
Customer stories from a moving world
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“The City of Helsinki monitors and follows the development of the traffic flow using TomTom traffic data. Monitoring produces information that is used to support traffic planning and related decision-making.”

Petri Blomqvist
City of Helsinki


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