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Real-Time Traffic

Drivers can’t always avoid traffic, but with TomTom Traffic they can outsmart it.
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TomTom Traffic knows the road ahead, saving time, fuel and stress for drivers, fleet and logistics providers, on-demand services (ride-hailing, food delivery), and traffic management authorities.

Analyzing real-time incidents and congestion to predict traffic before it happens, our connected services make TomTom navigation software more accurate with enhanced route calculations and accurate estimated times of arrival (ETA). That’s why we are the market leader, with our traffic technology in millions of cars around the world.
Features and benefits
A powerful duo, TomTom Traffic Incidents and TomTom Traffic Flow observe congestion and incidents to provide real-time information about traffic jams and road closures. Together, they deliver a detailed view of the current speed and travel times across the entire road network.
Global coverage

Global traffic density and congestion coverage

Our network guarantees access to the most up-to-date and accurate traffic information in 79 countries. The more people who use our traffic services, the more coverage we have, and the more accurate information we’re able to provide.
Live traffic updates

Updated every 30 seconds

To make sure drivers have the most up-to-date and accurate traffic information, we process billions of anonymized data points every 30 seconds. Thanks to this ability to take in and analyze large volumes of data at warp speed, we can predict traffic before it happens.
Road network map

Seamless road network coverage

Because traffic technology is only as good as the roads it covers, we service more than 3.5 billion kilometers across the global road network every day.
Traffic prediction

Traffic prediction

In addition to providing current vehicle speeds, we also predict the speed for each stretch of upcoming roads on routes. This means better route planning and accurate ETA for long trips.
Estimated travel time with traffic

Lane-level traffic precision for accurate ETA

We calculate speeds per lane to report more detailed traffic congestion information to give drivers better ETA and peace of mind, knowing they will arrive on time.
Early safety warnings

Early safety warnings

Delivering on our promise of driver safety and comfort, we provide early warnings about traffic incidents such as upcoming jams. With this information, drivers can slow down gradually rather than needing to brake sharply.
Traffic insights and analytics

Traffic insights and analytics

Our insights into congestion and delays across the entire road network enable road authorities, highway agencies and traffic management centers to create smarter mobility solutions that reduce congestion and emissions.
Accurate time predictions for delivery and on-demand services

Accurate time predictions for delivery and on-demand services

Real-time traffic information enables accurate ETA and efficient routing and re-routing, reducing travel times while improving safety and fuel/energy efficiency. For delivery and on-demand service drivers, this accuracy enhances predictability and on-time performance for increased customer satisfaction.

Traffic information delivery

We provide TPEG™, the automotive industry standard for delivery of traffic information, as well as OpenLR to deliver reports that describe incidents or congestion on any road, on any map.

DATEX II is an industry standard for information exchange between service providers, application developers and traffic management centers.

Protobuf is a method for encoding structured data in an efficient yet extendable format. For the detailed version of TomTom Traffic Flow, Protobuf is mandatory.
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