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Real-Time Traffic

Drivers can’t always avoid traffic, but with TomTom Real-Time Traffic they can outsmart it. Delivered via APIs, our real-time traffic services analyze congestion and incidents to predict traffic before it happens – saving time, fuel and stress for drivers, fleet and logistics providers, on-demand services (ride-hailing, food delivery) and traffic management authorities.


Global traffic coverage

Our network guarantees access to the most up-to-date and accurate traffic information in 80+ countries.


Updated every 30 seconds

Analyzing billions of anonymized data points every 30 seconds, we can predict traffic before it happens.


Seamless road network coverage

We cover more than 3.5 billion kilometers across the global road network every day.


Traffic prediction

We fuse actual and predicted vehicle speeds on each stretch of upcoming road for smart route planning.


Lane-level precision for accurate ETAs

We calculate speeds per lane to give drivers detailed traffic congestion info and more accurate ETAs.


Early safety warnings

With timely warnings about traffic jams and incidents up ahead, drivers are ready for anything the road brings.


Traffic insights and analysis

Our insights empower road authorities and traffic management centers to reduce congestion and emissions.


Powering delivery and on-demand services

Real-time traffic info supports accurate ETAs, smarter routing and greater fuel efficiency.

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  • Can I display the traffic data on a map?
  • Is historical traffic data available through the Traffic API?
  • Are there any limitations or usage restrictions for the Traffic API?

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