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Traffic and connected services

TomTom is trusted by automakers, cities and governments, fleet managers, and drivers around the world for the most accurate, up-to-date traffic and travel information.
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In the future, all maps will be live. And these maps will only be as good as the freshness of their data.

Hyper accurate and as real time as it gets, TomTom’s connected services – including Traffic, Speed cameras, EV, Parking, Fuel and Weather – provide drivers with reliable, timely information to get where they are going without worry.

Leading traffic technology that moves billions every day

Road traffic

Our traffic and connected services are the preferred choice of automakers, making TomTom the definitive market leader.

Connected navigation is proven to increase road safety and decrease congestion and emissions. The more connected drivers there are on the road, the more everyone benefits.

We own the road

Thanks to the ability to predict traffic, formulate better routes and provide more accurate ETA, TomTom Traffic and connected services is trusted by the world’s top technology companies, automakers and governments.


connected devices
contributing to TomTom Traffic


billion km
of distance covered every day


where Uber uses our traffic technology

Success stories from a moving world

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TomTom is Renault's trusted partner in in-vehicle navigation since 2009. Working together, we’ve standardized an affordable, fully built-in and connected navigation system.


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