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Immersive in-vehicle experiences

Digital cockpit

Drivers want to get in and go, bringing their digital lives along for the ride. You want to create personalized, protected in-vehicle experiences across brands, car models and trim levels, without recreating the wheel every time. The bridge to both is a digital cockpit platform that balances a predictable way of working with the freedom to customize.
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Changing the way we drive, again

As the driver-tested, OEM-approved tech company, we are shaping the digital cockpit for today, tomorrow and beyond – marrying entertainment, navigation, productivity apps, safety integration, climate systems and more. What will you make of it?

The digital cockpit everyone’s been waiting for

Our platform is all about enabling collaboration. And thanks to a close, ongoing collaboration with carmakers, we're addressing the most pressing problems surrounding the digital cockpit today.

We help you stay in control of your relationship with drivers. By moving from the ship-and-forget model to continuous update cycles. And gaining access to one platform that brings immersive experiences to drivers of all vehicles – small, large, luxury, volume. All to cut costs by up to 80% with a more efficient, sustainable way of working.

Give drivers everything, give up nothing

A connected cockpit unlocks a world of possibilities, and potential pitfalls. With us, you remain in control of your brand – and future revenue streams – over a vehicle’s entire lifecycle. Keep your data and your drivers’ data and privacy where it belongs, with who it belongs.
Make long lead times and ship-and-forget a distant memory

Make long lead times and ship-and-forget a distant memory

Drivers have turned to their phones in the car because it’s easy and it works. We help you design digital cockpits that increase usage by exceeding expectations and safely bringing users' digital lives with them wherever they go. Our software and partner services ecosystem makes development more efficient and predictable, enabling continuous updates for continuously better experiences.
One size fits all makes and models

One size fits all makes and models

The current approach to developing in-vehicle systems across different makes and models involves redoing the same things over (and over) again. Now you can extend your brand into any cockpit – from small batch luxury models to fleets of vans, with one tech platform that makes it easy to customize user interfaces and hardware configurations on any screen. Whether you’re scaling up or down, our agile approach helps you create immersive in-vehicle experiences for all drivers.

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TomTom Digital Cockpit

The industry’s only open, modular digital cockpit platform
TomTom Digital Cockpit

Be right where drivers need you

Companies like Spotify, Amazon, Microsoft, Cerence and iHeartRadio are a cornerstone of the TomTom Digital Cockpit platform. Explore our current partner ecosystem or join us to help make it even stronger.
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