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Tracking & Logistics APIs

TomTom's suite of APIs transforms tracking and logistics with innovative solutions in geofencing, location history tracking, notifications management, and advanced mapping. From pinpointing object locations within predefined areas to reconstructing precise routes, our APIs provide exceptional tools for optimizing workflows and boosting operational efficiency.

Icon Versatile object compatibility

Versatile object compatibility 

Geofence any object with connectivity, from persons to telephones, enabling adaptable tracking solutions for diverse applications.

Icon Comprehensive tracking

Comprehensive tracking 

Manage multiple objects' locations precisely and efficiently, ensuring real-time visibility into their activities.

Icon Flexible endpoint options

Flexible endpoint options 

Choose between synchronous and asynchronous endpoints to match your application's needs, ensuring optimal performance and scalability.

Icon Easy object management

Efficient object management 

Organize and manage tracked objects effectively with Libraries of Objects, streamlining operations and facilitating access to tracking data.

Icon Accessible historical data

Accessible historical data 

Track object locations and movements over time; retrieve securely stored historical location data for analysis and reporting.

Icon Elevated efficiency

Elevated efficiency

Streamline workflows and simplify administration with features like precise geofencing and notifications management.

Icon Advanced map data

Advanced map data

Use advanced map data to provide detailed route information and enhance the user experience in your apps.

Icon Cost-effective solutions

Cost-effective solutions

TomTom's APIs offer scalable pricing plans and flexible endpoint options that adapt to your evolving needs.


Tracking & Logistics APIs

Manage your fleets, track objects in real time and over time, optimize deliveries and perform post-route analysis. TomTom APIs make it easy to handle all of this and more.  


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