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Virtual Horizon

TomTom Virtual Horizon provides a highly accurate virtual picture of the road ahead. It seamlessly takes in map data from TomTom’s cloud to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) – optimizing speed adjustment and powertrain management to make driving safer, more comfortable and efficient.

TomTom Virtual Horizon extends driver and vehicle awareness beyond what onboard sensors can see, making it easier to anticipate and react to conditions on the road ahead.


Get ahead of the curve with the all-in-one solution

Our complete ADAS offering is compatible with all vehicle types – passenger cars, trucks and vans – with and without embedded navigation. It helps improve driver assistance and automated functions such as adaptive cruise control (ACC) and intelligent speed assistance (ISA) through detailed ADAS map content and flexible Virtual Horizon software.

One supplier for map data and software

We offer a complete ADAS technology stack. TomTom’s Virtual Horizon comes pre-integrated with our ADAS Map and AutoStream service – offering all you need to deploy automated driving and ISA functions quickly and efficiently.

ADAS technology stack

Proven to increase safety

TomTom ADAS Map contains leading speed limit info – among other content – and is proven to be ISA-compliant, based on official test drives. Our ADAS Map already powers millions of SAE L1-2 driver assistance functions today across multiple brands and regions.

TomTom ADAS Map safety increase

Works in any connectivity mode

Our software is designed to work offline, fully online, or in a hybrid mode through streamed speed limit info. Deploy TomTom Virtual Horizon as an online API – with enhanced connectivity and cloud functionality – or use a configurable onboard cache.

ADAS connectivity mode

Made for maximum flexibility

TomTom Virtual Horizon exposes data on any type of vehicle network and offers precise positioning and route prediction. It also supports a wide range of data protocols – industry-standard ADASISv2 and lightweight ADASISv2 mini – for maximum flexibility.

TomTom Virtual Horizon flexibility

Crowdsourced sensor data

TomTom Virtual Horizon uses car sensor data feedback to update our ADAS Map – enabling high coverage and quality to ensure the TomTom community drives with up-to-date map information. We use aggregated and de-identified data to keep drivers’ privacy fully protected.

Crowdsourced sensor data

Intelligent Speed Assistance

Boost vehicle safety with ADAS map data

Virtual horizon solution Intelligent Speed Assistance

TomTom Virtual Horizon


To improve driver safety in all automated driving scenarios, a comprehensive product portfolio is needed. Therefore, TomTom has developed detailed and accurate HD maps, as well as ADAS maps for driver assistance, AutoStream for efficient map delivery, onboard client software and more.

Any connectivity mode

Our Virtual Horizon integrates map data from onboard maps, map tile streaming services or map attributes directly from the cloud. This ensures it has an optimal configuration for all connectivity modes, ECU architectures and memory constraints.

Faster development

Designed to re-use components and code, TomTom Virtual Horizon allows OEMs to streamline development cycles and effortlessly switch between offline, streaming and full online deployment for maximum flexibility.

White paper: ADAS Map Speed Limits - Improve mandatory Intelligent Speed Assistance and vehicle safety ratings
PDF - 4.26 MB

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