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An industry first, TomTom RoadCheck allows carmakers to determine when, where and under what conditions vehicles can safely activate automated driving (AD) functions.

As AD shifts control from driver to vehicle, carmakers must overcome new challenges to ensure driving remains safe. One of the biggest is defining the exhaustive list of conditions under which an automated vehicle can safely operate – also known as the operational design domain (ODD).

TomTom RoadCheck is the only solution of its kind that uses high definition (HD) maps to define the ODD of vehicles’ AD functions. This makes it possible for carmakers to decide where it is safe to use these functions, and to restrict AD on specific road segments or locations with road characteristics that could be unsafe or uncomfortable for drivers – for example, entering a highway on a short entrance ramp or taking sharp turns at higher speeds.


Enabling the next generation of automated driving

TomTom RoadCheck consists of a powerful, yet easy-to-use web tool and online service. It allows engineers to create AD rules and restrictions through an intuitive web editor. RoadCheck uses a cloud-based service to process all updates and sends them directly to the vehicle through a delivery product – such as our pre-integrated TomTom AutoStream service.

Unique map insights, safer vehicles

RoadCheck allows carmakers to combine TomTom’s advanced map content with data from test drives and vehicles on the road. This gives AD engineers unique map insights and improves the speed and flexibility with which they can manage the ODD, unlocking new possibilities to make their vehicles safer.

One scalable solution for many needs

Carmakers can achieve great economies of scale by using the same cloud-based RoadCheck infrastructure to differentiate the ODD across vehicle models and brands with varied AD systems.

Fine-tuned to any vehicle

To account for unique vehicle hardware and driver preferences per model, RoadCheck enables OEMs to build specific AD functions tailored to any vehicle – with complete control and flexibility.

Pre-integrated to save time and effort

RoadCheck comes pre-integrated with the TomTom HD Map and TomTom AutoStream, our over-the-air map delivery system, accelerating your time-to-market.

TomTom RoadCheck for safer automated driving

In this 30-minute webinar, we take a closer look at how RoadCheck and our complete AD portfolio can help you increase vehicle safety.

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