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EV Routing and Range

TomTom takes the guesswork out of electric vehicle (EV) routing, guiding drivers to their destinations safely and smoothly, with precise range calculations for extra peace of mind along the way.
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An EV’s range depends on much more than its current battery level. Driving speed, traffic, road type and elevation all impact how far a vehicle can go. TomTom’s EV Routing and Range takes these factors and more into account to plan efficient routes, provide precise range predictions and calculate reliable estimated times of arrival (ETAs) – making every drive enjoyable and effortless.

Features and Benefits

Range predictions with precision
Our powerful routing engine connects directly to EV sensors and battery to calculate how much energy is needed to travel. With TomTom doing the heavy lifting, your drivers know exactly how far they can go, greatly reducing range anxiety.

Made to go the distance

Our long-distance EV routing makes it easy to plan routes beyond one charge. Drivers just need to input their destination and TomTom takes care of the rest, showing the best route that includes where and when to charge along the way. We also take charging times into account to provide drivers with realistic ETAs.
Made to go the distance

Optimized for every drive

Give your drivers flexible routing options based on their needs. When time is of the essence, TomTom’s routing tech shows drivers the fastest routes. Our eco-routing option calculates energy-efficient routes, taking drivers further and giving them more time between charges.
Optimized for every drive

Designed for carmakers and enterprises

EV Routing and Range comes pre-integrated with TomTom navigation solutions, making it easy for OEMs to offer drivers a seamless experience. Developers can also use our EV APIs to build apps that help EV drivers reach their destinations on time and optimize EV fleet management.
Designed for carmakers and enterprises

Minimize range anxiety and drive EV adoption

Discover how TomTom’s EV portfolio can help you deliver a connected, carefree experience that gets drivers on board with electric vehicles. Together, we're driving the EV revolution.
Minimize range anxiety and drive EV adoption webinar
Use case

Plan the best routes for EV drivers and fleets

Help EV drivers reach their destinations on time. Add rich information on EV charging stations to your app. Optimize EV fleet operations with accurate routing. Whatever your goal, TomTom's EV route planning capabilities can help you get there.
Plan the best routes for EV drivers and fleets

Extended Routing API

Route an EV through long distances that include optimized charging stops, based on the vehicle’s energy consumption and charging model. The Extended Routing API calculates routes with available charging stations within driving range and displays them on a TomTom map.
Extended Routing API
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White paper: Supporting the electric mobility revolution: technologies to address range anxiety
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